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VA May Expedited Disability Benefits for the Air Force Missile Community

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A review by the Department of Veterans Affairs could lead to automatic disability benefits for troops who served in the nuclear missile community, including at Air Force bases where the service is investigating whether airmen stationed there have been disproportionately diagnosed with cancer.

Northrop Grumman is working with Musk’s SpaceX on a US spy satellite system


Aerospace and defense company Northrop Grumman is working with SpaceX, the space venture of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, on a secret spy satellite project that is already capturing high-resolution images of Earth, according to people familiar with the program.

OPINION: Congress should support Ukraine and Israel; Our interests depend on it


As Congress and the American people consider the benefits of future assistance to Ukraine and Israel, it is critical to recognize that this assistance is an essential down payment for the security of the United States at a time when threats are increasing.

Suppliers struggle as the military embraces small satellites

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A surge in demand for small satellites to support national security space programs exposes weaknesses in the U.S. space industry, leading to supply chain problems as the military prioritizes the rapid deployment of constellations.

How the Space Force is making its systems more resilient


When Space Force leaders talk about resilience, they often point to proliferation — spreading capabilities across large constellations of small satellites — as a central part of their approach to making it harder for adversaries to disrupt U.S. operations. But proliferation is only one part of the Space Force’s strategy to secure its capabilities.

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OSD still wants Congress to repeal law requiring unfunded priority lists, despite $30 billion military request

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U.S. military officials have sent Congress more than $30 billion in “unfunded priority lists” separate from their regular budget request, but Pentagon civilian leaders support repealing the law that requires the annual lists to be sent to lawmakers, who often use them as a blueprint. for increasing the defense budget. “The Department of Defense continues to support ending the statutory requirements for annual unfunded priority lists,” said Pentagon spokesman Chris Sherwood.

PODCAST: Air Force in Central Command: Leadership Update

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Lt. Gen. David Deptula, USAF (Ret.) and Doug Birkey talk with Lt. Gen. Alexus “Grynch” Grynkewich of the 9th Air Force/US Air Forces Central Command. When the US halted large-scale military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, many assumed that forces in the region would largely be deployed elsewhere – especially in the Indo-Pacific. However, adversaries like Iran and numerous proxy groups have continued to pursue acts of aggression that demand a response. Air Force pilots have answered the call to participate, but this puts enormous pressure on the force given the simultaneous demand elsewhere in the world. This episode seeks to understand what drives this mission question, the scale and scope of current operations, and the desired objectives through a leadership lens.

‘The Bad Day’: DISA’s upcoming strategy prepares for wartime communications

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As the Defense Information Systems Agency strengthens its role in “combat support,” the agency’s head, Lt. Gen. Robert Skinner, previewed a “hot off the press” five-year strategy that puts new emphasis on keeping commanders connected, from the president to date. , in case of a major war.

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Top 5 Books on Air Force Pararescue, According to PJ’s

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From rescuing civilians from a sinking ship off the coast of Alaska to flying into a hail of gunfire to rescue a wounded soldier, the U.S. Air Force’s Special Warfare Pararescue Specialists (PJs) are among the best in the world. world in search and rescue. They recommend these books about the things their brothers in arms did so that others may live.