Science retracts President Dana-Farber’s article due to discrepancies in multiple figures | News

Science magazine on Thursday retracted a 2006 article by Laurie H. Glimcher ’72, president and CEO of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, due to discrepancies in several figures, following allegations of data manipulation against her and three other DFCI executives earlier this year .

Glimcher was the corresponding author on the paper, the seventh author by a leading DFCI researcher to be retracted this year.

In January, four DFCI executives – Glimcher, Executive Vice President and COO William C. Hahn ’87, Senior Vice President for Experimental Medicine Irene M. Ghobrial and Harvard Medical School Professor Kenneth C. Anderson – were accused of figure-tampering in a slew of the papers examined in a Jan. 2 blog post by data sleuth Sholto David.

In response to David’s allegations, the DFCI retracted six papers and made corrections to 31 others in late January.

The first author of the retracted paper – Buck Institute researcher Claudio Hetz – was investigated in 2021 for allegedly altering images in more than two dozen articles published between 2002 and 2021. A committee formed at the University of Chile found him not guilty of scientific fraud, but cited “tremendous carelessness and lack of accuracy” in a 10-page report following the investigation.

Hetz disagreed with the decision to retract, and four authors were unavailable for comment, according to the retraction. The statement did not mention Glimcher.

According to the retraction, research into this article began more than two years ago.

“Based on an internal analysis beginning in February 2021, the authors became aware of discrepancies in controls,” the retraction said.

“The authors are no longer confident that these figures support the conclusions. As a result, the authors retract the article,” the retraction note said.

“While journals complete their review of the information provided to them by Dana-Farber authors, publishers will decide if and when to issue corrections or retractions,” a DFCI spokesperson wrote in an emailed statement.

“We encourage them to do this quickly so that the scientific data is accurate. This process is ongoing,” she added.

Glimcher did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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