Franklin Graham Demands Americans Pray for Trump to Vanquish His ‘Enemies’

“I don’t want to see any form of religious intolerance. It would worry me if there was a marriage between religious fundamentalists and the political right. The far right has no interest in religion, except to manipulate it.” –Billy Graham

Billy Graham was right about the far right. But he was like that religiously blinded he thought the Bible—and not civil rights legislation or a social safety net—would “cure” racism and poverty. He was a science denier. He was an anti-statist whose philosophy was based on apocalyptic prophecy. And he was buddies with Richard Nixon. Moreover, his embrace of Reagan opened the door for the takeover of Republican politics by the far right.

But compared to his son, he was a human being.

I grew up in the Anglian Church. I went to Anglican boarding schools. I performed religious gymnastics exercises in church several times a week. And I had to take Divinity (also called Bible studies). It didn’t stick. But it did leave me with the clear idea that sin was a bad thing.

Conservative evangelicals say they agree. They won’t stop blabbing about the 10 Commandments, moral absolutism, family values, and living a “good Christian life.”

So when Franklin Graham implores his tribe to pray for Trump, I expect the rest of the message will demand that Trump repent of his sins — and take time out of public life to work on his faith and his relationship with his Savior so that he can be born again. in God’s grace in the expectation of eternal salvation.

Just kidding. This sanctimonious hypocrite has no shame.

Graham wants his fellow Christian nationalists to piss on everything they claim to hold religiously dear. In a tweet, he blamed Trump’s political enemies for Trump’s legal danger. He seems to think it was the prosecutors, the judge and the grand jury who bribed a porn star to hide the candidate’s adultery from the electorate and his third wife, the new mother of his youngest child.

“Pray for the former president @realDonaldTrump. His enemies want to do everything they can to destroy him, put him in jail or delay this trial to prevent him from campaigning. I’m not saying you should vote for him; I ask you to pray for him.”


Graham is a liar. The law criminally indicted Trump because four different grand juries, in four different locations, accused him of it with 88 crimes. There is no evidence that Biden or any other Democratic politician had any influence on these allegations – because they didn’t. There is also no evidence that the judges, either at trial or on appeal, are biased – because they are not.

What we do know is that Trump has been found civilly liable rape And gossip (x2), front business fraudfor charity fraudfor education fraud. Furthermore, he has a decades-long track record of rewarding his subcontractors, despite the Bible’s position on paying your employees.

Because you owe them: “To the one who works, wages are not credited as a gift but as an obligation” – Romans 4:4

You must pay them on time: “Do not cheat or rob your neighbor. Do not withhold the wages of a hired laborer overnight” – Leviticus 19:13

And you also have to pay them if they are immigrants: ‘Do not take advantage of a hired worker who is poor and needy, whether that worker is a fellow Israelite or a foreigner living in one of your cities. Pay them their wages every day before sunset, for they are poor and count on it. Otherwise they may cry to the Lord against you, and you will be guilty of sin.” Deuteronomy 24:14-15

Where is Graham’s concern for the common man? Who knows?

As I am creating Bible verses, I would also like to add this – from the same chapter that evangelicals use to call gay marriage a sin.

“If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife – with his neighbor’s wife – both the adulterer and the adulterous woman must be put to death” – Leviticus 20:10

Where is their consistency? (Rhetorical question)

I admit that Stormy Daniels was not married when Trump broke his church-sworn marriage vows with her. But I am convinced that he committed adultery with a married woman. This sinning begs the question: do I have to bring my own stones, or are they provided? Or will God allow an updated method of execution?

There was no shortage of feedback on Graham’s prayer request. Here’s an example.

Leighton: “One of the main reasons people are leaving the church in droves is because of charlatans like you. @Franklin_Graham. Do you claim to be a follower of Jesus while exalting this rich, greedy, dishonest man as a false idol?

Tom Santos: ‘It is bad form for a prominent Christian like you to support a lying, cheating and cheating, unrepentant adulterer, as you do. One day you will have a very awkward conversation with your maker.”

Impiety: “This is what religion in America is about: politics. And you prove it time and time again. Have you ever asked people to pray for Biden? You are not a man of God, you are a dirty politician. If the Biblical Jesus existed, he would be deeply ashamed of the con artists who speak in his name.

Jae Watson: “He’s selling Bibles to pay his legal fees for fucking a porn actress. Do better evangelicals.”

Di: “Do you want us to pray for a criminal? A man who has not set a good example of anything his entire life. Wow Franklin! How far you have lowered yourself. You should pray that he repents of his evil deeds and does not take his side.”

Stacey Dunn: “I’m sorry you consider criminals your friends and justice your enemy. Decent Americans and decent Christians don’t do that.”

Graham had his defenders. But by my unscientific estimate they were outnumbered at least 20 to 1. Here’s one:

Philip Anderson: “You have to tell everyone to vote for Trump. At this point that is what every preacher should do. Because Biden leads a satanic communist death cult.”

Phil, I feel your pain, buddy. It must be terrifying to get out of bed in the morning. Brace yourself, sunshine. Biden’s death squad hasn’t found you yet. Good luck.

The people who tried to convince me to be a Christian were generally decent people. They did not wage crusades against their political enemies. And when I chose a different path, they promised me no hellfire. It was all very civilized.

Graham, on the other hand, is a predatory wolf, seeking power and money. Or, in layman’s terms, an asshole.