Cordoba prepares for the 56th Alberto Maeztegui Fair of Science, Technology, Art and Innovation

  • The exhibition will be launched next Thursday, April 25, on the official Education Channel.
  • This initiative is jointly implemented by the Ministries of Production, Science, Technological Innovation and Education.

Thursday April 25, 56 Alberto Maeztegui Fair of Science, Technology, Art and Innovation, meeting Traditionally already on the school calendar.

The launch will take place via the YouTube channel Ministry of EducationFrom 4:00 PM to 5:45 PM. To participate, you must enter the mentioned channel or go directly to the live feed.

The exhibition is a proposal to display and socialize school work developed in educational institutions, taking into account learning, communication and socio-cultural challenges, among others. The aim of this is to improve educational practice from a realistic approach.

Under the slogan “An opportunity to keep working and transform Córdoba”, the aim is to promote the critical spirit and curiosity of girls, boys, youth, adults, teachers and society, and try to improve the communication skills of students and to develop teachers through the exhibition of their school, scientific, artistic and/or technological productions.

The beneficiaries of the virtual offer are mainly supervisors, directors and teachers of all levels (primary, primary, secondary and tertiary) and educational modalities in the province of Córdoba, including municipal, regional, national, state and private government levels.

It is necessary that each organization has a representative during the mentioned launch day.

For more information about the exhibition please use the following link:

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