Taylor Swift Works Out Like No Artist Does: ‘Others Would Probably Throw Up,’ Says Celebrity Trainer: News: Music Times

Taylor Swift writes hard, sings hard, tours hard, loves hard. Apparently she also trains hard – at a superhuman level. That’s not surprising though, because she looks really fit despite her hectic schedule.

Kirk Myers, Taylor Swift’s personal trainer, revealed that the pop star’s workout regimen is so strenuous that it would make most people sick to try it.

Born and raised in Kansas City, the founder of Dogpound Gym exclaimed that the 11-time Grammy winner’s “work ethic is just incredible” while discussing his client’s training regimen.

“It’s very difficult. Some people would probably throw up or lie on the floor if they trained like her,” he told Vogue.

After ten years of training the singer, Myers joked that he’s finally “ready to be known as Taylor Swift’s trainer,” and he’s even proud of it.

Supermodel Adriana Lima and Justin Bieber are just two of the celebrity trainer’s clients, who says: “I don’t think there’s a cooler title out there.”

He clarified that her workouts are “customized,” referring to how he helps her prepare for her three-hour, 15-minute performance during the Eras Tour.

“We approached her training for the Eras tour with the mentality of a professional athlete. There was an off-season when she wasn’t on tour and in the season when she was,” he explained.

Myers revealed that she “spends up to six days a week, sometimes two hours a day, in the gym” when she’s not on tour. To keep her in shape for performances, singing and dancing, the two focus on strength, conditioning and focusing on her core.

Myers claimed that Swift “worked out during the entire tour,” even though she was traveling the world. “We averaged twice a week. During the seasonal training it was more about maintenance, so it was more about stability, mobility and biomechanics,” he revealed.

However, this is not the first time the trainer has praised his client.

“Taylor is the most resilient person I have ever met,” Kirk told Vogue. “It’s super inspiring to see her consistently overcome obstacles and ultimately become better and stronger. This also translates into her training and during her workouts. I give her a difficult exercise or challenging workout, not only can she complete it and persevere but she also perseveres and moves on to the next exercise. This ultimately makes her stronger, better and faster.

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