After 7 years, 22-year-old man can eat independently | Kochi News

KOCHI: After a prolonged struggle of seven years, Abhinath was able to eat food from his own mouth. He smelled and tasted food after several years while his sad mother’s eyes were filled with tears.

Tears of joy after years of sadness

When Abhinath, a 22-year-old commerce student and the son of Sajad and Rajini from Kannur, managed to finish his food alone, his mother gestured to two young doctors and said, “These are our gods, the gods that my son back to life’.

Neurologist and epileptologist Dr Chandu P and epilepsy surgeon Dr Nihal Ahmed were the two young doctors appointed by that mother. These doctors returned Abhinath to normal activities after performing a 12-hour brain surgery at Ernakulam Medical Trust Hospital.

Abhinath had an extremely rare disease called ‘Reflex Epilepsy’, caused by eating. It all started at the age of 16, when he started having seizures while eating food, in the form of a sudden behavioral arrest, followed by cataract attacks with facial abnormalities and tonic contraction of the jaws. This was his characteristic symptom of his illness.

Thereafter, these episodes occurred repeatedly when food intake was attempted.

This is a terrible condition in which food can get stuck in the throat, leading to aspiration and causing instant death.

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The concerned parents approached many hospitals hoping for a solution, but in vain.

It took almost seven years for the search to end until doctors at the Medical Trust Hospital, Ernakulam, ensured a cure by performing ultra-precise surgery through brain mapping. The 12-hour surgery safely revived him without any neurological deficits.

Dr. Chandu P said that Abhinath, a defender in the football team, can kick a goal again.