Car Design Awards 2024, BMW, Volvo and Kia win the Oscars

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For forty years, the Car Design Awards, established by the magazine Auto&Design, have awarded Oscars to the design teams that contribute most to the evolution of automotive style, judging a shortlist of ten finalist projects in the categories of concept cars, series cars and transversality of stylistic language for the entire range of a brand.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse reinvents the brand’s design

The jury of the Automotive Design Oscar, a highly competitive and constantly evolving sector that has increasingly placed sustainability and future mobility in the spotlight in recent years, awarded the victory in the Concept Cars section to the BMW design team for the Vision Neue Klasse project that anticipates the basic design canons of the German company’s models that will appear from 2025, but retaining the brand’s unmistakable styling elements.

In order, the BMW team preceded Mazda with Iconic Sp and Mercedes with Vision One-Eleven.

Volvo Ex30, simple and practical, but luxurious

In the production car sector, the Volvo Style Center established itself with the Ex30, awarded for its successful exterior and spacious interior. A small SUV with a strong sense of luxury, characterized by the typical Volvo design language: simple, ecological, practical, but also able to bring a feeling of freshness with its characteristic Scandinavian design, albeit new. Behind the Ex30 were the hypercars Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale and Lamborghini Revuelto.

Kia, radical innovation

Kia took the first step of the podium in the section that highlights the evolution of a brand’s stylistic language and its coherent application across the range, thanks to the non-conformist approach of the Opposite United philosophy, which has produced models that breaking the mold. parameters consolidated aesthetics with new and modern formal canons. In second and third place in this section were the design teams of Toyota and BMW, respectively.