Stylish gifts for four sophisticated sons this holiday season

Just before spring break 2024, here are some stylish suggestions for men who appreciate a sweet scent, are sneaker enthusiasts, like to be the official refresher and never want to give up their white shirt on holiday evenings.

Gone are the days when only women got attention during the holidays. Why should you only pamper, scrub, renew and spread joy for spring break, while your partner makes do with last-minute gifts, that shirt bought years ago and collecting dust? Just before Passover, it might be time to spoil your man with a gift that will make him feel as fresh as a flower.

To prepare you well for the Seder evening, where everyone keeps an eye on each other, and for many other events, a surprise guide is provided, tailored to four different personalities, related to the four sons of the Haggadah. It’s okay if the selection includes a little bit of everything, as long as you know how to pamper him during the holidays, the result will be bright and joyful – and that’s even before the wine!

Instead of kissing for the romantic man

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Do you know people for whom a holiday evening means a classic, crisp white shirt? Factor 54 has just the perfect one from Polo Ralph Lauren, which will upgrade the look of any lover of bright white. NIS 679 in stores at Ramat Aviv Mall, at various retail chains and online.

If elegance is the goal, French perfume brand L’Occitane has launched Encre Indigo, an artistic blend of bergamot, pink pepper, saffron, black tea and ink (!) that gives every gentleman a seasonal fragrance boost. NIS 430 per 100 ml, available on the Laline Cosmetics website, luxury pharmacies and perfumeries.

Choice is important when it comes to facial care – so why not choose a moisturizer with SPF30? Herbalife’s “SKIN” series not only protects against redness or dryness with vitamins and aloe vera, but also helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines within a week. Magic. NIS 264 for 50 ml on the Herbalife website.

Being a classic brand, Calvin Klein decided to release an exotic version of the iconic Eternity brand called ‘Aromatic Essence’ which is nothing short of daring. A tropical vibe, with notes of bergamot, sharp amber, lavender and coconut, putting a bizarre twist on the iconic Eternity bottle. NIS 299 for 100 ml at high-end pharmacies and online.

David Beckham romantic? Because the football wizard scores with not one but three spring scents: Infinite Aqua inspired by the calm ocean (including lemon, fig, lavender and water lily), Aromatic Greens refreshing (with mint, sage, apple and patchouli with amber notes), and Refined Woods inspired through the Far East (scent of vetiver, citrus fruits and geranium). Each magnetically gentle, perhaps like Beckham. NIS 149 each for 100 ml at a leading supermarket chain.

A complex look, a mischievous guy

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What changes this night? Some would opt for a combination of a shirt and matching pants. Castro, a local fashion network, proudly Israeli, offers spring proposals that are absolutely appropriate and matching, in light shades that radiate ‘Happy Holiday’. A button-down shirt in an interesting texture (NIS 99.90-169.90) paired with blue or moss-colored shorts (NIS 99.90-149.90). Local and fun, available in chain stores.

Heroes, the new fragrance from Barberi surprisingly called ‘Hero’, is mysterious enough to give everyone who uses it the scent of freshly cut wood. Cedarwood, cypress oil and caraway will make even the hungriest guests wonder who smells better than the main course! NIS 669 per 100 ml, in April, Super-Pharm, Hamashbir and Be.

Players will love the new version of Moschino’s bestselling fragrance, Toy 2 Pearl, which not only comes in a shiny teddy bear bottle, but also smells like a spring orchard. Lemon and orange, sorbet with jasmine and moss and musk create a scented bouquet wherever the man who wears it goes. Toys cost NIS 249 for 100 ml at Super-Pharm, Laline’s website and selected stores.

A classic moisturizer for the challenging transition season? Try “S├ębocalm Classic”, rich for dry skin, based on vitamins and herbal extracts, including antioxidants, to nourish and prevent dehydration during the difficult season. NIS 74 on the S├ębocalm website and at pharmacies.

Bad boys will love Bad Boy Cobalt Elixir, Carolina Herrera’s new version of the clear bottle scent, this time with mint, blackberry and frankincense, a spicy blend for all tastes. The Bad Boy version is earthier than the original and deserves renewed praise. NIS 495 for 100ml at luxury pharmacies and leading retailers.

What about daring?

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Someone who wants to imagine themselves in Italy (but is actually sitting next to Aunt Emilia at the banquet table) would love to spritz on fashion designer Bruno Coutinho’s tantalizing eau de perfume, which not only reimagines knits in boot country but also combines Nigerian ginger with French lavender and biotechnological ingredients such as white wood and ambrox for its perfume. Gentle but biting, for NIS 750 for 100 ml, available on the BeyondSkin website and boutiques, Super-Pharm boutiques and Factory54.

If we talk about designers, the king of men’s suits, Tom Ford, has introduced the perfume Oud Mineral, which brings everyone stuck at home to the beach with its airy scent. Sea salt, old wood and pine needles become stronger in combination with mineral ocean water and seaweed, so after spraying you will have the feeling of walking on the beaches of the Riviera (but just like that). NIS 495 for 50 ml at leading marketing chains, Factory54, and selected perfumeries.

Does a man’s man know how to keep a fresh face? Of course, with the help of the right facial cream, such as Moisturizer Plus, the new one from Hava Zingboim. The lightweight care gel is quickly absorbed (because who wants an oily face), improves the skin texture and the moisturizer is even antibacterial. NIS 245 on the brand’s website and at beauticians.

Connoisseurs know that it is better to apply a serum full of skin goodness before the cream. For example, Super Serum (10) Eye from the French Nuxe, which helps you achieve a younger appearance with a few touches around the eyes. All thanks to hyaluronic acid, vitamins and concentrated botanical oils from Nuxe that (figuratively) “work” on the skin and drive away wrinkles. NIS 315 for 15 ml, at Super-Pharm, Gilt’s website and at pharmacies.

The real victory is Invictus Parfum, a new fragrance from Paco Rabanne’s unbeaten range. This time cashmere and musk, combined with lavender and pink pepper, but the twist is black soap that makes the perfume a clean, striking scent, completely different from previous versions. NIS 445 for 100 ml at luxury pharmacies, Factory54 and perfumeries.

And the coolest thing on stage

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Sorry, but what’s cooler than sneakers from the PUMA brand? Just before the holidays, the brand brought some retro models to the region, made of velvet and suede, including a white stripe and gold letters, perfectly suited for the seasonal renewal. Some come in standard color combinations like black and white and navy blue, but pink, mint green or the lavender duo? Striking as a festive flower bouquet! Priced at NIS 380 at flagship PUMA stores and on the Factory 54 website.

Calvin Klein recently launched their perfume version of Calvin Klein Defy, rich in compliments, with an even more powerful scent of lavender, pink pepper and cocoa shells. The feedback is even more flattering considering the intensity of the scent. NIS 339 for 100 ml at perfume chains and the OnLease website.

If you’re going to try a new fragrance, why not Y Elixir by Yves Saint Laurent? The spicy and aromatic scent, including a blend of saffron, leather, ginger, bergamot, with Moroccan geranium. Or YSL for short, wow, wow, wow. NIS 599 for 60 ml, at perfume chains and selected perfumeries.

The really cool ones nourish their skin with products from the esteemed Kiehl’s brand. For example, cleansing the face with the cleansing gel “Facial Fuel”, which contains caffeine, menthol, vitamin E in addition to orange and lemon extracts (NIS 99), or applying the anti-aging cream “Age Defender” for men, which contains linseed extract combined with caffeine and soy protein (NIS 220). Available at Kiehl’s stores nationwide and select Super-Pharm locations.

And Valentino, how about an international fragrance? That’s exactly what happens with Valentino Uomo Born in Roma Green Stravaganza, the brand’s new fragrance, which, in addition to its infinite name, also contains a list of prestigious ingredients including dry bergamot, vetiver and coffee notes that give a deep, sweet scent. , sweet, sweet fragrance, loved by many people. The green one costs NIS 479 for 100 ml, at Super-Pharm, Be, Hamashbir Lazarchan, GOOD PHARM, Terminal

Do you want to spoil your man?

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Xerjoff Homme perfume from the niche brand Xerjoff, inspired by rare minerals, may not be affordable for everyone, but the scent fascinates those around it. A blend of lime with iris and Madagascar pepper, alongside cedarwood and leather, with bourbon, tarragon and mandarin, creates one of the brand’s flagship scents. Very mature, smelling like silver or a luxury car, so be prepared to pay NIS 2,200 (!) for 100 ml of pleasure. Available at the Beyond Skin boutique (Ramat Aviv Mall and Azrieli Mall), on the Lilith Cosmetics website and in selected perfume stores.