8 Celebrities Who Have Mastered The Art Of Budgeting

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Many of us dream of the time when we will make enough money so that we don’t have to watch every penny. But some people never let go of their frugal habits, even after earning an income that most people can only dream of.

Here are eight celebrities who, despite their wealth, still live on a budget.

1. Tiffany Haddish

The star of ‘Girls Trip’ and host of ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ comedian Tiffany Haddish told People magazine that she still drives a Honda HR-V, carries fake designer bags and uses Groupon. Haddish said she has been homeless, so she is careful with the money she makes.

2.Lady Gaga

Grammy and Oscar winner Lady Gaga has amassed a lot of money as one of the world’s best-selling music artists. But that doesn’t stop her from shopping the sale racks and using coupons. Gaga also uses her wealth for good, having founded the Born This Way Foundation for youth empowerment in 2012. She is also an outspoken advocate for mental health and LGBTQ+ rights.

3. Rob Gronkowski

Footballer Rob Gronkowski is known for his marketing contracts, and that’s a good thing, because that’s what he makes his living from. Gronk said in his book “It’s Good to Be Gronk” that he did not spend any of his NFL salary or bonuses, choosing to support himself with endorsements.

4. Dave Grohl

Nirvana and Foo Fighters legend Dave Grohl has said he is putting his money in the bank and living relatively frugally. He has a family car and a house that is not too big, according to an interview with The Red Bulletin.

5. Warren Buffet

Legendary investor Warren Buffet consistently ends up at the top of the list of the richest people. Yet he still lives in the same house he bought in 1958 for $31,500. He also has breakfast at McDonalds every day.

6. Highlight Cuban

Billionaire investor, “Shark Tank” star and Dallas Mavericks minority owner Mark Cuban probably doesn’t need to cut back, but he is. He is known for recommending that people just starting out live in frugal conditions and believes that everyone – even him – should stock up on household items when they go on sale.

7. Sarah Michelle Geller

When she’s not killing vampires, actress and entrepreneur Sarah Michelle Geller is clipping coupons. Geller told CNBC that she uses coupons and thinks about important purchases before making them.

8. Jay Leno

Comedian and former host of The Tonight Show Jay Leno has always had multiple income streams and makes a point of living off just one. He worked at a car dealership while doing comedy shows at night, spending only the money he earned as a comedian. When that income began to exceed his “day job,” he flipped the script and lived off his income from car sales, according to an interview with CNBC.

These celebrities don’t have to pinch pennies, but they do – and there’s a lesson in that for those of more modest means. You don’t have to have everything you want to be happy; you just have to want what you have.

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