Chris Packham humiliates Kuenssberg’s climate-denying guest

The year is 2024 and right now the evidence for the man-made climate crisis couldn’t be clearer. By forgetting the evidence, even non-scientific types can see that something is going on as the world experiences increasingly extreme weather events, including wildfires, floods and record-breaking temperatures. For example, right now, temperatures in the oceans have reached a peak that makes life in them unbearable:

Despite all this, the BBC is still inviting climate deniers onto his platform.

This time, fortunately, they at least balanced out the rich drugs they had with someone who could convey the scientific consensus on the subject. Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg:

WHERE IS THE PROOF!? Well, Chris Packham had it.

In a round table discussion about Kunssberg, asked Chris Packham:

What about the general population of Dubai last week?

In case you didn’t know, Dubai – a place known for its drought – is experiencing extreme flooding:

Packham continued:

What about the ordinary people of the South, who just experienced the hottest year on record, with their crops failing?

There is also a lot of data about this:

Packham then commented:

There have been extensive forest fires.

And again:

At this point Luke Johnson – the angry, gesticulating unfeeling skull opposite him – interrupted and bellowed:


Chris Packham replied:

Well, it doesn’t come from Toby Young’s ‘Daily Septic’, which was actually put together by a bunch of professionals with close ties to the fossil fuel industry, it comes from… something called ‘science’.

For those unfamiliar with Toby Young, he’s a man who has made a career out of being wrong about everything, and he writes a blog called the Everyday skeptic. Individual examples of Young being wrong are too many to mention, but the funniest is when he thought he had refuted the concept of “friendship” because no one showed up to his bachelor party:

Back to the topic at hand, and yes, the answer is “science” – something we have an unfathomable amount of at the moment.

Given the scientific consensus, it is unclear why the BBC continues to invite doubters to argue this point. Should we debate whether the Earth revolves around the sun, or whether the planet is flat?

No, of course we shouldn’t do that.

And let’s not forget that the fact of a man-made climate crisis is not only supported by science; it is also overwhelmingly recognized by the public.

Why then is this niche opinion broadcast by the national broadcaster?

And who the hell is Luke Johnson?

Climate denial is popular among the ultra-rich. Why? Because implementing measures to prevent a total climate collapse would result in them earning a fraction less than they predict in the future. That doesn’t mean they would earn fewermainly because, given the status quo, they earn more and more every year; it just means that their annual profit would yield slightly less profit:

Knowing that, would you believe that Mr. Johnson is yet another rich man who failed his way up?

The Guardian reported in 2019:

Luke Johnson, the business guru whose reputation crumbled following the implosion of Patisserie Valerie, the cafe chain he chaired, has broken his long silence about an incident he said left him physically ill…

Despite Johnson’s desperate attempts to save Patisserie Valerie, including borrowing £10 million of his own money, the company collapsed in January following the discovery of a widespread accounting fraud that masked a £94 million black hole in its accounts.

Johnson’s management of the chain turned out incredibly badly for the company’s employees:

The collapse of Patisserie Valerie, which employed 3,000 people after a breakneck expansion masterminded by Johnson, is one of the biggest stock market turmoils in recent years. The company was valued at £450 million before it exposed the possible fraud and the government wiped out shareholders, including Johnson, who owned a 37% stake.

But don’t worry, because Retail Gazette reported in 2022 that Johnson was expected to benefit from a multi-million pound Patisserie Valerie settlement (with the fraud blamed on other directors).

Who could have predicted that the climate denier has a history of being duped by other rich people?

The British Bullshit Corporation

Many questioned Johnson’s inclusion on the panel:

If Johnson were a poor person, the BBC would ignore his talk. Because he is rich, we have to act as if he has the intellectual heft to act as an authority on any subject.

Other people pointed out some underlying problems with climate denial:

Some pointed out that the science is now not only clear; it has been clear for half a century:

In fairness to Johnson, he at least had the decency to continue talking a bit when he realized he had no argument beyond whining “Where’s the evidence!?”

National fraud continues Kunssberg. Thank goodness for Chris Packham.

The BBC is an absolute toilet of a broadcaster, and Laura Kuenssberg is the abused and unwashed toilet brush next to it. At this point, you really shouldn’t expect better. It’s likely they’ll only get worse.

Even though their climate-denying guest has shown up, allowing him in at all still gives the impression that these goons have something to say. Luke Johnson maybe think he can contribute to the debate, but unlike climate change, the evidence simply isn’t there.

Featured image via BBC