Yamaha Motor announces participation in Formula E, with the aim of contributing to CO2 neutrality, ET Auto

Yamaha Motor’s decision to use its electric motor technology for Formula 1 racing marks an important milestone.

Yamaha Motor, a leading Japanese company, has pledged its support for Carbon Neutral 2050 within the Formula E World Championship.

In a strategic move, Yamaha entered into a partnership with Lola Cars in Great Britain in March to jointly develop and supply powertrains for Formula E.

The primary goal of this partnership is to design and supply powertrains, which include critical components such as engines, axles and transmissions, which are essential for generating locomotive power.

By focusing on the development of more efficient and environmentally friendly powertrains for Formula E vehicles, Yamaha is actively contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions in motorsport and the advancement of cleaner energy technologies.

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A Yamaha engineer elaborated on the importance of this partnership, highlighting its role in driving innovation towards a sustainable future in racing.

Yamaha Motor’s Heiji Maruyama said: “In collaboration with Lola, we will develop an electric powertrain, and Lola will compete in Formula E from 2025 and aim to supply it to the team by developing a body kit with that power unit.”

Yamaha’s British partner, Lola Cars, emphasized the importance of this collaboration.

Commenting on this, Lola Cars’ Mark Preston said: “We look forward to continuing that success with Yamaha, which has such a rich racing heritage and experience of racing at the highest levels of motorsport and winning multiple world championships. It is exciting to work together on their journey towards electrification and sustainable motorsport to bring racing technology to the road.”

The Formula E organizers are deeply grateful for their active involvement.

Then Jeff Dodds, CEO of Formula E Holdings, said: “We believe the path to decarbonising road transport is through battery electric vehicles. And I’m confident that some of the technology that will come from this partnership between Lola and Yamaha will too. benefit society.”

Yamaha Motor’s decision to use its electric motor technology for Formula 1 racing marks an important milestone.

This strategic move not only reflects the escalating trend towards electrification in the automotive sector, but also underlines the company’s steadfast commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Later, Yamaha Motor’s Heiji Maruyama stated: “Yamaha Motor is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Through Formula E, we will passionately challenge the development of the world’s highest energy management system.”

The Formula E race held in Tokyo in late March marked an important milestone in Japan’s journey to embracing clean energy.

  • Published on April 21, 2024 at 4:00 PM IST

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