General Ogolla asked the military to pay for wife Aileen Kathambi’s vacation, Sister Peres reveals

Speaking at General Ogolla’s funeral service in Ng’iya, Siaya Province, Peres revealed that the departed CDF left her three firm instructions on what should happen after his death and burial.

At the fallen general’s request, Peres revealed that he had given instructions that the army should give his widow money to go on vacation.

“He also told me, ‘If I die after the funeral, Jeshi (KDF) has to give money to Mama Achieng (Aileen Kathambi Ogolla) to go on holiday’. So Jeshi, you have work to do. Mama Achieng has to go on holiday .” Peres stated in reference to the request.

He also prepared the family for his eventual death, with instructions on how the funeral should take place.

Peres revealed that the fallen general initially wanted to be buried within 48 hours of his death, but extended the timeline to 72 hours.

She revealed that the extension was motivated by her stubbornness and her loving sister’s possible problems.

“He told me: ‘Peres, a soldier can die at any time. So if I die, I have to be buried within 48 hours. Peres, I know you can cause them problems, so I will add you more hours. Let it be be 72 hours.’ o’clock’,” she said.

The general also noted that he would be buried without a coffin, an instruction the family had given and which they would follow.

He also showed his sister his chosen final resting place on his property, noting that his remains should be buried there.

“He took me to the grave and told me that this is where I should be buried when I die.” Perez added.

She praised the departed CDF as a loyal and committed patriot.

“My brother is a kind man, a loyal man; very dedicated, very involved in everything he does. He did things to perfection. My brother was a good Christian. A servant leader of God. He carried the conversation. He did his best in the Christian life in general.” Perez praised.