‘Chaos’ warning for British tourists planning holidays in Spain, Greece and Turkey

People planning foreign holidays this year have been warned that Just Stop Oil protesters plan to disrupt thousands of summer holiday flights at airports in Britain and Europe from mid-June. The eco-warriors plan to storm terminal buildings, physically attach themselves to runways and even fly jets to popular destinations such as Spain, Greece and Turkey.

This potential fiasco will surely result in passengers here suffering excruciating delays, while those lucky enough to take off may be forced to stand still on foreign runways.

MPs and travel experts last night condemned the group for causing undeserved stress and potential security risks. The Mirror revealed the plan at a meeting of around fifty committed activists.

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Phoebe Plummer, the figurehead of Just Stop Oil, received thunderous applause when she predicted ‘disruption on a scale never seen before’.

She continued, “The most exciting part of this plan is that it will be part of an international effort. Flights operate on such a tight schedule to control air traffic that as action is taken in cities around the world, we are talking about radical disruption that cannot be ignored.”

Just Stop Oil will join forces with the A22 Network, an eco-alliance based in Europe, which plans disruptions at major international airports. Last year, their subsidiary, Last Generation, saw a private jet in Germany doused in orange paint and keeping itself on runways.

It was later revealed that the anti-oil collective had secured a hefty £400,000 from oil tycoon heiress Aileen Getty.