Turkish defense manufacturer Roketsan’s new self-guided missile improves military efficiency

Roketsan, a leading Turkish defense manufacturer, has announced the successful deployment of its latest product, the CIRIT Laser-Guided Missile.

This state-of-the-art weapon is designed to bridge the tactical gap between unguided 2.75″ rockets and anti-tank guided missiles, providing a highly accurate and cost-effective solution for attacking both lightly armored and unarmored stationary and moving targets.

The CIRIT missile is designed for deployment from land, sea and air platforms, increasing its versatility and ease of integration between different military assets.

The versatile design of the missile allows it to be easily adapted to different platforms, confirming its operational effectiveness in air-to-ground and surface-to-ground combat.

Currently, the CIRIT missile is operational on several platforms, including the T129 ATAK attack helicopter, the AH-1W SuperCobra attack helicopter and a CIRIT ground-based launch vehicle.

It is also being adopted by numerous foreign platforms, indicating its international appeal and reliability.

This launch marks an important milestone as CIRIT is the first guided missile developed in Türkiye, setting a national precedent.

Furthermore, it is the first in its class to be qualified globally, underscoring Türkiye’s growing capabilities and innovation in the defense sector.

The introduction of the CIRIT missile represents a crucial advancement in Türkiye’s defense technology, delivering improved precision and efficiency in modern warfare.

Technical properties:

DIAMETER: 2.75″ (70mm)


1.9 m
WEIGHT: 15 kilograms (excluding launch tube)
RANGE: 1.5 – 8 kilometers
  • Multi-function head (CMB: armor-piercing, anti-personnel incendiary)
  • High explosive head (YIB: anti-personnel)
  • MEMS (microelectromechanical system)
  • IMU (inertial measurement unit)
  • Laser seeker head
ENGINE: Low-smoke composite solid fuel
TARGET TYPES: Light armored/unarmored vehicles, armed units
LASER ADJUSTMENT: Compatible with STANAG 3733 laser designators

Source: Newsroom