Nagaland CM objects to Congress’ plan for LGBTQIA+ civil union, calling it against Christian values

Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has opposed the Indian National Congress’ proposal to recognize civil unions among LGBTQIA+ couples, citing concerns over its compatibility with traditional and Christian values ​​in the state.

During a public meeting, Rio expressed skepticism about the inclusion of facilities for seniors, persons with disabilities and LGBTQ+ persons in the Congress manifesto. He emphasized the need for broad discussions on this issue due to its deviation from established societal norms.

Rio highlighted the LGBTQIA acronym and explained its meaning and Congress’ intent to recognize individuals who fall under this spectrum. He underlined the importance of consulting religious leaders and communities to determine the compatibility of such legislation with Christian beliefs.

The Prime Minister warned of possible consequences for future generations if laws recognizing LGBTQIA+ rights were passed without thorough consideration of traditional values. He stressed the need for open dialogue and consultation with religious leaders to ensure that any changes in the law are in line with the cultural and religious ethos of the state.

Rio reaffirmed its commitment to upholding Naga culture, tradition and religious beliefs, asserting that it would be unacceptable to compromise on these principles. He called for careful examination of the implications of the proposed legislation for the society of Nagaland and urged stakeholders to express their concerns.

The Chief Minister’s comments have fueled the debate on LGBTQIA+ rights and their compatibility with traditional values ​​in Nagaland.