Panampilly Nagar theft: ‘Dangerous robber’ Irshad earlier looted a house in Kowdiar – KERALA – GENERAL


KOCHI: Muhammad Irshad, who was arrested for committing a grand theft at film director Joshiy’s house, is a repeat offender who has previously served jail terms for crimes including theft.

According to reports, Irshad committed theft from the residence of a jewelery shop owner in Thiruvananthapuram Kowdiar almost four years ago. In the same case, Irshad was arrested from Goa. However, the suspect could not be handed over to the Kerala Police due to the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic.

Although Irshad came out of prison, he returned to old habits and led a life of theft, theft and deceit. According to police records, Irshad is dangerously adept at secretly breaking into homes and committing robberies.

It was Saturday morning that the suspect committed a major robbery at Joshiy’s residence in Panampilly Nagar. He then left Kochi in a car registered from Maharashtra. The Kerala Police later handed over the photos of the car to the Karnataka Police, making it easy to arrest the culprit.

Gold, diamonds and watches worth over one crore rupees were stolen. Police doubted whether the robbers from northern India were behind the crime. An investigation was initiated into local miscreants and recently released thieves, which was conducted under the leadership of Ernakulam Assistant Commissioner of Police P. Rajkumar.

Joshiy, his wife, daughter-in-law and children were in the house when the robbery took place. At 5:30 am, Joshiy’s wife Sindhu found the kitchen door open and feeling doubtful. Later, the robbery was confirmed and a complaint was registered by Joshiy’s son Abhilash at the South police station.