Mizoram: 20th edition of ‘Save The Riparian’ cleanliness campaign in Aizawl

Save the Riparian Project was launched in Aizawl on March 26, 2024 to clean the gorges of the city bordering the river. Save the Riparian’s work is sponsored by government departments such as UD&PA, AMC and PHE, and supported by various private volunteers and financial support.

Save the Riparians expressed their gratitude to everyone who supported their efforts. They also stated that poor sanitation and uncontrolled dumping of waste by people into gorges makes their work less fruitful than expected. They also stressed that the landfills at the border of Kulikawn and Model Veng towns are not suitable.

They also appeal to the public to stop dumping pits and dead animals in the gorges as these are extremely harmful to the health of the public.

In addition, Save the Riparian is calling on the government to set up waste catchers to prevent waste from flowing into the river, which is the main source of water supply for the city.

Saturday’s cleaning campaign involved volunteers from Save the Riparian, MZP General Headquarters, 2nd Assam Rifles, Zo Trek, BVP Riders Salem Veng, MBBS 1st Batch of ZMC, Solomon’s High School Kulikawn, D Purification. Hmingliani Catering also provided lunch.

SAVE THE RIPARIAN members plan to continue the campaign. They welcome the public’s support and are calling on everyone to refrain from throwing and dumping waste into waterways.