Taylor Swift’s song ‘Florida!!!’ is ‘a great medicine’


The only song in Taylor Swift’s discography with three exclamation points: “Florida!!!” is one of two collaborations on “The Tortured Poets Department.”

Swift teams up with Florence + The Machine for Track 8. Swift’s father, Scott, told fans in Florida that the statewide song was his favorite from the album. Cue the drums, boom-boom-boom-boom-boom.

“Florida!!!” is ‘a great medicine’.

The tension-filled song builds the verse until the chorus sounds like an exclamation mark (or three) bursting from the drums. The song mentions a timeshare in Destin, a city in northwest Pensacola, at the panhandle end of the state. The area is known as a tourist destination for its beaches, golf courses and resorts on the Gulf of Mexico.

Although it seems like a refuge, the song wraps the sunny paradise in menacing dark tissue paper and places it in a bag the size of a hurricane. Welch sings about hoping that a natural disaster will wash her away. “Barricaded in the bathroom with a bottle of wine. Well, me and my ghosts, we had a great time.

‘Tortured Poets’ release live updates: What to know when Taylor Swift’s new album debuts

‘The department of tortured poets’

If you didn’t get the memo from the department chair, “Tortured Poets” is Swift’s 16-track 11th-era album with four bonus tracks (four versions of the album each have a different bonus track).

Swift announced the project at the Grammys, when she won her 13th career Pop Album of the Year Grammy. Post Malone and Florence and The Machine make two contributions to the pop album.

The song titles are brutal. Fans speculated that the album was about Swift’s six-year relationship with English actor Joe Alwyn and their breakup. Both stars kept the relationship out of the public eye. The back of the first version of the album reads, “I love you, it screws me up,” and serves as a precursor to the dagger to the chest.

The album was released during Swift’s two-month break from her hugely popular and economically fruitful Eras Tour. “Tortured Poets” serves as an exclamation point to the enormous success the billionaire has achieved over the past year since the three-hour-plus show launched in Glendale, Arizona. Swift returns to the stage on May 9 in Paris, France. Fans expect her latest era to be added to the show.

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