A bizarre twist on a South Indian classic sparks controversy – Republic World

Bisleri Pani Vala Dosa sparks controversy on the internet | Image: Instagram

South Indian cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its mouth-watering flavors and diverse range of dishes, with dosa being an ultimate favorite. However, a recent culinary experiment has sparked controversy in the food world. The unconventional preparation, called “Bisleri Pani vala Dosa”, involves pouring packed water into the dosa filling, leaving traditionalists and food lovers divided.

In a viral Instagram video, a food vlogger showed off the peculiar dosa recipe, where a street vendor added typical dosa fillings like chopped green onions, sliced ​​tomatoes, coriander leaves, diced onions and grated cheese to the spread dosa batter. What followed was unexpected: the addition of packaged drinking water to the mixture. Using a blending tool, the ingredients were blended into a creamy texture, creating a unique blend of flavors.

The video sparked a flood of comments, with some expressing their displeasure at the change to a beloved classic. Commenters expressed their concerns, with one pleading, “Dear North Indians… Please do not destroy our food items,” while another sarcastically asked, “Dosa kaha hai? (Where is the dosa?)”

Critics lamented the deviation from tradition, with one demanding “justice for dosa” and the other commenting on the transformation of a healthy dish into an unhealthy one. The sentiment was summed up by a disappointed foodie who commented: “Pani m thoda dosa (Some dosa in water).”

While culinary experimentation is a hallmark of food culture, the “Bisleri Pani vala Dosa” serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between innovation and preservation of culinary heritage.