Cannabis companies in West Hollywood are introducing the specials for 420 Weed Day

Saturday, April 20, marked the annual celebration of marijuana culture’s most important holiday, 420 Weed Day. It was a day for enthusiasts and advocates alike to commemorate the plant, and it was an opportunity for cannabis businesses and lounges in the city of West Hollywood to bring in some business by partnering with their suppliers and offering discount prices and an elevated experience to celebrate getting high. .

Zen healing Dispensary offered mix-and-match specials, games like spin the wheel or cornhole, for a chance to win various free prizes throughout the day. They offered free popsicles, coupons for future purchases and lots of photos, as well as a free chair massage session. They plan to host other special offers leading up to Pride Month in June.

Off the Charts Cannabis Dispensary offered several deals ranging from 25 to 30% off select items. They had local vendors in the store and also offered free manicures.

The Artist Tree offered several special offers, including 50% off top brands across a long menu with items available for €420. There were lots of photo ops and customers queuing all day.

Pleasure Med also offered various promotions throughout the day. They partnered with local businesses to sell candles, clothing and coffee and offered free mini sandwiches courtesy of the Pleasure Chest next door.

An executive at MedMen expressed gratitude to be open again in West Hollywood. He said the local community was happy to have them back. They also offered several specials to celebrate Weed Day.

420’s history dates back to the 1970s and traces its origins to a group of friends from San Rafael High School in Marin County, California, known as “the Waldos.” Their appointment at 4:20 p.m., just after school activities, to search for a rumored marijuana patch led to the term “420,” which has since become synonymous with cannabis culture.

The term gained wider popularity through its association with the Grateful Dead, especially bassist Phil Lesh, and was eventually solidified as a holiday through flyers distributed at Dead concerts in the early 1990s.

Despite its humble beginnings, 4/20 has grown into a cultural phenomenon, with enthusiasts around the world commemorating the day. While the exact origins of the holiday’s widespread adoption remain somewhat mysterious, its continued popularity underscores its significance within marijuana culture.