There is no place to hide from perpetrators of domestic violence

Victoria Police are warning the state’s most dangerous perpetrators of domestic violence that they have nowhere to hide. A crackdown is leading to a record number of perpetrators being arrested and brought to justice every day.

Victoria Police said frontline police and specialist teams – including Family Violence Investigation Units and the Family Violence Command Taskforce – are proactively targeting and arresting perpetrators for family violence crimes to ensure the safety of victim-survivors.

Figures from the Crime Statistics Agency show that 29,233 perpetrators of domestic violence were arrested or taken to court in 2023. That amounts to an average of 80 arrests or summonses to court per day.

The numbers are slightly higher than last year, when an average of 79 arrests or citations were made every day.

That’s one person arrested or brought to court for domestic violence every 18 minutes.

The vast majority of perpetrators were arrested for serious domestic violence crimes, as well as for actively avoiding police detection, outstanding arrest warrants or unserved family violence intervention orders (IVO), stalking and making threats.

Assistant Family Violence Commissioner Lauren Callaway said these figures highlight Victoria Police’s continued efforts in tracking down perpetrators of domestic violence, some of the worst in the state.

“Family violence is completely unacceptable and there is never an excuse or justification for the crime,” she said.

“We have thousands of police officers across Victoria working tirelessly to arrest perpetrators of domestic violence and bring them to justice to ensure the safety of victim-survivors.

“We need perpetrators of domestic abuse to stop and really think about the harm they are doing to their partners and children.

“Some will do anything to avoid arrest – including blackmailing victim survivors or using friends to keep them in hiding – but they are always in the crosshairs of the police.

“Our message to perpetrators of domestic violence is clear: closed doors do not protect you from being tracked down and held accountable.”

If you are concerned about your own behavior or that of someone else, there are support services available. No to Violence runs a men’s referral service that helps men who use violence to change their behavior. You can contact 1300 766 491.

If you or someone close to you reveals that they are a victim of domestic violence, believe them and encourage them to contact the police or a support service.

Support is available 24 hours a day through Safe Steps by calling 1800 015 188 or emailing [email protected]

In an emergency, call Triple-0 (000). If you cannot reach a phone, ask someone else to do this for you.