Biggest celebrity scandals at the London Marathon

Britain’s biggest annual endurance race is back and will take center stage this weekend, attracting thousands of runners every year.

The London Marathon has had its share celebrity participants, and with them have come some of the world’s biggest scandals race.

From a Love Island star accused of cheating to Katie Price’s running disaster, we take a look at some of the biggest shockers from the race

Labout the island legend

Georgia Harrison denied cheating during the London MarathonCredit: Instagram
The reality star revealed that she hadn’t trained much in the weeks leading up to the raceCredit: Instagram

In 2019, Love Island contestant Georgia Harrison was at the center of controversy, coming under fire for running the London Marathon in a remarkable four hours.

The reality star revealed she hadn’t trained much and had been partying in the weeks leading up to the race.

The now 29-year-old ran the 26.2-mile London Marathon in an incredible time, but users online were not convinced.

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The TV star was accused of cheating during the race.

One person commented: “I think she cheated! If you look up her official marathon photos online, her number (57446) is worn earlier in the race by a man named Arjun, and the only photos of her are from the last kilometer or so!

“Pure lies. She cheated, or she exaggerates her “lack of training” and “comes in at 3am.” You don’t just get up and run a marathon. At least not within 4 hours,” another added.

At the time, Georgia turned to Tik Tok to put the cheating rumors to bed.

She said: “When the photography Pictures came out, a guy named Arjun had my number on it, so the press and my fans assumed that I had actually exchanged numbers with this Arjun.

“I ran that marathon and I have the blisters and scars to prove it.”

Katie Price’s knee injury

Katie Price ran the marathon in 2018 with a lung problemCredit: Splash News
The model would have stopped spinning less than halfwayCredit: Rex Features

In 2018, Katie Price was forced to withdraw from the London Marathon after a knee injury.

The former glamor model was believed to have stopped running a quarter of the way through the 42km course.

The TV personality wore a lung suit in honor of the British Lung Foundation after her mother was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis a year earlier.

A police officer was later seen wearing the costume as he cycled to the finish line for Katie.

The mother of five expected to finish the race in less than eight hours, but didn’t even make it half way.

She told The Daily Mirror before the race: “If I collapse I better get back up.

“But even if I have to crawl in the end, I’ll get over that line.”

Katie responded to criticism after failing to complete the marathon, telling fans on Instagram: “I trained for the run, did my best in a heavy outfit and if my mom is proud, that’s what matters to me ❤ .”

In 2009, Katie suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage on the London Marathon course, but amazingly finished the race in just over seven hours with her ex-husband Peter Andre.

Mo Farah bottles it

Mo found herself in the middle of a ‘row of drinking bottles’Credit: REUTERS

The 2018 London Marathon became a hot topic when Sir Mo Farah lost his temper with race officials after an argument over drinking bottles.

Mo was taking part in his second London Marathon after finishing eighth four years earlier.

The Olympic gold medalist was approaching one of the water stations when he struggled to find his water bottle.

The track star became irate when he asked the officials to get him another drink, but they didn’t help as they seemed more concerned about taking pictures of the athlete.

Disaster struck again when Mo dropped his water bottle at another bottle station.

In a post-race interview at the time, the now 41-year-old explained the fiasco, saying: “The drinks station was confusing, I was at table four, I went to pick it up.

“The staff was helpful at the end, but at the beginning they tried to take a photo instead of giving me the drink.”

TOWIE star’s sister shocked by ‘cheating’

James Argent ran the race, but his sister was accused of cheatingCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The Only Way is the sister of Essex star James Argent was accused of cheating during the 2016 London Marathon.

Natasha Argent was investigated by officials after completing the 26.2-mile race in less than four hours and missing 11 of the 24 checkpoints along the course.

Event organizers confirmed that the then 26-year-old would have to forfeit her marathon medal and would therefore be barred from participating in any activity. future Marathon events in London.

She pushed back on accusations that she deliberately cheated, insisting that she had had a panic attack and that was why she got lost on the route.

Natasha, who appeared on to date show Take Me Out, left the course after suffering the attack and returned for the final stage claiming she was “really lost”.

She further revealed that race officials told her there was no way she could get back after getting lost.

Natasha told OK! Then magazine: “People were cheering me on and I felt like I didn’t deserve the cheering. It was just terrible.

“I’m truly sorry if I hurt anyone,” she continued.

James with his sister NatashaCredit: Instagram