Tourist train adds color to the orange blossom carnival in Adana!

The “tourism train”, which will run between Adana – Hacıkırı – Belemedik on the specified days, transported the guests of the International Orange Blossom Carnival for its maiden voyage.

This year the “12th Festival” was part of the “Cultural Road Festivals” programs within the scope of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey. “International Adana Orange Blossom Carnival” took its guests to Belemedik for breakfast on the tourist train.

The Tourist Train’s informative expedition took place during the International Orange Blossom Carnival, the first stop of this year’s Turkish Cultural Road Festival of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Pozantı District Governor Fatih Karamahmut and Pozantı Mayor Ali Avan welcomed the guests to Belemedik, with its historical features and beautiful nature.

To the program; AK Party Adana deputy Ahmet Zenbilci, CHP Adana deputy Müzeyen Şevkin, Orhan Sümer, Ayhan Barut, Deva Adana deputy Sadullah Kısacık, Adana Commodity Exchange Chamber chairman Şahin Bilgiç, Adana Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Emre Duru, journalists, producers of digital content youtube people and phenomena participated.

These flavors made my palate crack

The guests, who tasted Pozantı’s local breakfast varieties, almost did not want this breakfast program to end. Because every product on the breakfast table was showcased as a carefully grown product, handmade by the villagers. In particular, the guests standing in line at the squeeze counter that was right next to the breakfast tables said, “Believe me, I can wait in line until the morning to eat this squeeze.” The meringue dough was cooked over hot fire and embers by the women of Pozan and turned into cheese and potato jam. The guests who tasted this flavor thanked Mayor Ali Avan for introducing them to this flavor in this program.

He walked past the tables and said welcome

Pozantı Mayor Ali Avan walked around the tables one by one during breakfast and welcomed the guests. President Avan, who asked the guests if they liked the breakfast, received such positive feedback that his happiness showed on his face throughout the program.

Historical riches will become popular thanks to the tourist train

To experience the unique nature of the Taurus Mountains by train, a new tourist train service is launched between Adana and Belemedik. This route aims to be the first application of train tourism, which has become popular in Turkey, in the Çukurova region, by bringing together the unique views of the Taurus Mountains and historical riches. The project, which will be implemented in cooperation with Adana Governorship, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş., Çukurova Development Agency, Adana Chamber of Commerce, Pozantı Municipality, Karaisalı Municipality and ÇUKTOB, is expected to attract local interest and increase foreign tourists to the region. region.