US military aid to Israel is an “aggression against the Palestinian people,” the Palestinian Authority deplores

a “dangerous climbing”. The Palestinian presidency responded on Saturday, April 20, to the US House of Representatives’ approval of multi-billion dollar military aid to Israel, describing it as“aggression against the Palestinian people”. This aid is mainly aimed at strengthening Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ anti-missile shield. This money is risking “result in thousands of Palestinian casualties in the Gaza Strip” and in the occupied West Bank he denounced Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ spokesman. Follow our live stream.

Fourteen killed in raid on occupied West Bank. According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, these people were killed in an Israeli attack that began on Thursday evening on the Nour Shams camp, near Tulkarem. The Israeli military says these operations target Palestinian armed groups, but civilians are often among the victims.

The war is accelerating the “annexation” of the Palestinian economy. The economy of the Palestinian Territories is becoming increasingly dependent on Israel due to the war in the Gaza Strip, several analysts warn AFP. Adel Samara, an economist based in Jerusalem, notes in particular the bureaucratic obstacles that Palestinian entrepreneurs face in establishing themselves, Israel’s control of resources, the limitations to develop agriculture or even tourism…

Mahmoud Abbas will “reexamine” the Palestinians’ relationship with Washington. The head of the Palestinian Authority made this announcement following the US veto of Palestinian membership of the United Nations. However, it will be difficult for the person responsible to turn his back on the United States, as the Palestinian Authority needs American financial assistance. Mahmoud Abbas himself is politically very weakened and controversial among the Palestinians.

Iran and Israel appear to be turning away from escalation. Tension appears to be easing after a retaliatory attack on Friday blamed on Israel, the scale of which Tehran played down. Tensions rose sharply on April 13, when Iran launched an unprecedented attack on Israel, its enemy since the 1979 Iranian revolution, with 350 drones and missiles, most of which were intercepted.

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