The 71-year-old streetwear icon is breaking fashion stereotypes!

In streetwear fashion, age is no barrier to style, as evidenced by the rise of 71-year-old social media sensation Alojz Abram. With his impeccable street style sense and fearless fashion choices, Alojz has captured the attention of fashion lovers around the world, earning him the title of the Internet’s most fashionable grandpa.

Alojz, who is a German national, has become synonymous with streetwear culture, effortlessly rocking Stussy hoodies, Supreme hats and a range of other trendy clothing items. His Instagram feed is a testament to his bold fashion sense, with a wide range of looks from track jackets to tinted sunglasses, bucket hats and thrasher sweatshirts.

What sets Alojz apart is not only his fashionable wardrobe, but also his unique collaboration with his 23-year-old grandson, who serves as photographer. Together they have taken their sneaker game to the next level and have mastered the art of combining classic streetwear elements with modern trends.

Alojz’s journey to streetwear stardom began when he embraced his grandson’s passion for fashion. Inspired by his grandson’s style, Alojz delved into the world of streetwear brands, researching and experimenting with different looks. Since then, his evolution into a streetwear icon has been nothing short of remarkable.

Despite the initial surprise at the attention he attracted, Alojz is happy with the results and embraces his new status as a fashion influencer. His fame has even led to the launch of his own clothing brand, Approved by Gramps, featuring hats, T-shirts and jewelry inspired by his signature style.

For Alojz and his grandson, their shared interest in fashion has not only strengthened their bond but also brought them closer together. While making waves in the fashion world, Alojz continues to be the epitome of style and inspiration, proving that age is just a number when it comes to expressing yourself through fashion.