Meet the celebrated panelists of the 2024 ELLE Sustainability Awards

The second edition of ELLE Sustainability Awards, presented by Signature Packaged Drinking Water, will take place on April 25 this year. This will be an evening celebrating pioneers in the fashion industry and beyond who preach a sustainable way of life. The Awards will highlight the urgent need of the moment, which is to consider an environmentally conscious way of life and achieve the same practices in all facets of the fashion industry.

The event will feature an insightful panel discussion aimed at “highlighting successful community initiatives in various areas that have had a positive impact on the environment.” The panel will consist of esteemed panelists from all walks of life. Keep reading to learn more about our prestigious panelists.

Vaishali S, fashion designer

Vaishali Shadangule is a couturier and owner of a fashion label called Vaishali S. The brand is a luxury label that spectacularly transforms authentic Indian handlooms into wearable art. Vaishali’s choice of fabrics and her undying love for Indian handlooms make her brand a sustainability practitioner.

Vaishali hails from a village in Karnataka and is proud of owning a zero-waste concept label. The designer is strongly inspired by nature and tries to culminate this in the silhouettes of her garments.

Vanika Choudhary, founder and chef, follow-up and afternoon

Vanika Choudhary is the founder and chef of Mumbai-based restaurants Sequel and Noon. Its restaurants are the epitome of experience steeped in culinary delight and sustainable gastronomy.

Her zero-waste culinary practices and efforts to produce locally are a testament to her commitment to the planet.

Aakash Ranison, director of the Greener Earth Foundation

Aakash Ranison is a celebrated climate activist and sustainability advocate. He is also director of his social enterprise called ‘Greener Earth Foundation’. The organization aims to provide on-the-ground solutions to the climate crisis.

His influence on the youth is unparalleled. He advocates a sustainable way of life and has written two books: ‘I’m a Climate Optimist: An Easy Guide to Living a Sustainable Life’ and ‘Climate Change Explained: For Everyone.’

Malhar Kalambe, environmentalist and founder of Beach Please India

Malhar Kalambe is an environmentalist and founder of Beach Please India, which aims to bring revolutionary changes in the aspect of beach cleanliness. This initiative started in 2017 with a group of young volunteers committed to making the water bodies clean and waste-free.

The Beach Please India community has over 2,50,000 volunteers and is thriving in its efforts to bring a revolutionary change in the environment.

Angelique Dhama, CEO, OBEETEE Carpets

Angelique Dhama is the CEO of OBEETEE Carpets, which is proud of its age-old heritage. The premium carpet brand believes that the future is sustainable.

Reducing the ecological footprint is one of the most important aspects taken into account during the production cycle. The brand has also taken sustainable production seriously, led by Angelique Dhama.

Kavita Khosa, Founder, Purearth

Channeling her deep desire to connect with her homeland in India, Kavita Khosa united her passion for clean beauty, wellness and positive social impact into her brand Purearth.

The brand formulates sustainable beauty products that prioritize the planet together with their consumers. Since the majority of the ingredients are sourced from the Himalayas, the brand aims to create a deeper connection between nature and skin care.

Ishita Mangal, Content Creator, Infotainer and Indian Handlooms Advocate (Panel Host)

The panel discussion will be moderated by fashion-conscious content creator Ishita Mangal. She is one of the first creators to combine comedy with fashion and beauty and has built a huge fan base by delivering informative fashion content in unconventional ways.

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