Inside the ‘high-end’ cannabis factory, hidden in a residential street in Hull, which was busted by suspicious neighbours

Police found a ‘sophisticated and well-organised’ cannabis factory on the street with 165 plants, potentially worth almost £150,000, after local people apparently noticed the ‘extremely pungent’ smell of cannabis.

A carbon filter had been installed at the house to disguise the ‘unique’ smell of cannabis seeping from the house, but it did not appear to be enough to stop neighbors noticing the distinctive aroma and alerting police, Hull Crown Court heard.

Drilon Loka, 27, of no fixed address but originally from Albania, admitted on March 15 to producing cannabis and purchasing electricity.


Prosecutor Amber Hobson said police served a search warrant at a three-bedroom end-terrace house in Lambert Street, Hull, at 8am. Loka was located in a small kitchen at the back of the house, which was used as a bedroom as the other rooms were used for cannabis plants.

A total of 165 cannabis plants were found in different growth stages. “The electricity had been bypassed and in each room there was a separate circuit board that controlled lighting, temperature and fans,” Miss Hobson said.

“The property was also equipped with an air filtration system.” There was crop watering equipment of the type you would find in a large cannabis farm.

The estimated potential street value of the cannabis was £148,500. The probable wholesale value was £85,000. There was also 2.57kg of dried cannabis in bags and this had a potential wholesale value of £15,000.