Joe Biden faces setback with border policy

A new poll exclusively for Newsweek finds that only 20 percent of American voters believe the United States has control over its external borders, a significant drop from the 34 percent who held this belief in August 2023. The issue of illegal immigration is central. phase in recent years, with more than 9.8 million encounters with migrants between October 2019 and January 2024 by US Customs and Border Protection. Texas Governor Greg Abbott reported that 507,200 suspected undocumented immigrants have been detained in his state since 2021 as part of Operation Lone Star. The survey of 1,500 eligible voters, conducted on April 11, found that 63 percent believe the US has no control over its borders, while 53 percent of 2020 Joe Biden voters expressed this sentiment.

The same poll also asked voters about their satisfaction with the government’s approach to illegal immigration, which found that 52 percent were “dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied”, while only 21 percent were satisfied. The survey also found that the issue of illegal immigration is likely to be a major issue in November’s presidential election, with polls showing a significant increase in the number of respondents citing immigration as America’s most important problem compared to previous months. The failure of a $118 billion bipartisan immigration bill in February further underscored the challenges of comprehensively addressing the country’s immigration issues, said Thomas Gift of the Center on US Politics at University College London.

The spotlight on illegal immigration has raised tensions between the Biden administration and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of federal agents removing razor wire placed by Abbott along the Texas-Mexico border . The governor has described the situation as an “invasion” and appealed to the “constitutional authority of the state to defend and protect itself.” Support for Abbott’s position comes from 25 other Republican governors, and former President Donald Trump has pushed for the deployment of National Guard troops from Republican Party-controlled states to Texas to bolster border control efforts. The issue of illegal immigration has become a rallying point for Republican politicians and is likely to play a prominent role in the upcoming presidential elections.

Overall, the survey results indicate growing concern among American voters about the U.S. government’s ability to control its external borders, with only a minority believing the country currently has control in this area. The dissatisfaction with the government’s approach to illegal immigration also indicates that this issue is gaining importance and could have significant consequences for the upcoming presidential elections. As tensions escalate between the Biden administration and Republican governors over border control measures, the issue of illegal immigration is likely to remain a divisive and controversial topic in the political landscape.