Shoppers are tired of skyrocketing food costs, while prices in every supermarket are stagnant

Shoppers are wondering if prices will ever drop due to stagnant retail bills.

It’s now been over two years since we started tracking the costs of the same eight basic products at the six major supermarkets to see how they compare.

Prices have risen dramatically in that time, with just two examples: a two-pint bottle of milk, from 95p to the current £1.20, and chicken breasts from £1.79 to £2.35.

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But with bills rising across the board this month as we enter a new financial year, consumers are all asking the same question.

“I’m really tired of going to the store and looking at the prices,” one person told us. “When will we ever be able to go grocery shopping without worrying about how much it will cost us?”

Shoppers say they are tired of worrying about food costs(Image: PA)

Another said: “I used to just take extra stuff with me during the week, now I try to avoid that and make do with what we have because it’s just too expensive.”

Lidl remains the cheapest this week for the basket of basic necessities – consisting of tea bags, milk, bread, butter, coffee, beans, chicken and minced meat.