British tourists ‘just don’t want’ to go to Spain because of the new £97 rule

British tourists have hit a new £97 rule in Spain and said they ‘simply won’t’ holiday there.

People traveling to the country now have to prove they have enough during their stay, Birmingham Live reports. The rule applies to holidaymakers going to the mainland, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands.

Travelers should have €113.40 (£97) on hand each day they visit. But the British have hit back at the new rule, saying it “shows how desperate they are for our money.”

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Reacting to the new rule and regulations for holidaymakers, one Briton snapped: ‘If the country united and boycotted Spain in favor of other Mediterranean countries, they would be begging us to come back within three months.

“17 million visitors is a lot of money for the Spanish economy. Another Mediterranean country tried to distance itself from tourism.”

“They forgot how much tourism has contributed to the economy,” agreed a second. “Anti-British? Holiday somewhere else! The money rule shows how desperate they are for our money,” said another.

“Spain forgets that it is a poor country, without tourists they have nothing to sell,” wrote another. But another defended Spain, replying: “A poor country?? lol… Ranked 15th in the list of countries by GDP, right behind South Korea and Australia. lol.”

“Just don’t spend your money in Britain or anywhere else, those countries will lose out! They will soon put an end to it if they don’t receive money from British tourism… a while ago many of you even “I took an experimental shot so you could go on holiday abroad for a week and many are now suffering whether or not they do that with us anymore,” wrote another.

Another asked: “Why don’t you take him to a country where you are welcome and not just your money? Vote with your wallet. Spain will get the message, even if by then you have discovered better places and never come back to Spain.”

Another said: “This has been since Brexit. Generally no one is asked to go to Spain (we had to show proof of accommodation in Latvia, but no other country asked for it). I have heard that a few people landing in Gibraltar and crossing to Spain have been asked. A credit card and return flight details would be sufficient.”

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