J&K first-time voters are brimming with excitement and optimistic about a better future

Srinagar: With the Lok Sabha elections just beginning, the new voters in Jammu and Kashmir are brimming with excitement and optimism for a better future.

For many young souls, about to cast their vote for the first time, this is the beginning of democracy. But unlike previous times, the heart is not just for the political spectacle, but for the promise of change.

According to official figures of the electorate of 86.9 lakh, 3.4 lakh are voting for the first time in the upcoming assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir.

These new voters are clear about their vision for the future of the country and J&K and say they prefer politicians to focus on real issues like high inflation, unemployment, infrastructure development and environmental conservation, rather than distracting voters with emotional slogans.

Among the new voters is Zara, a bright-eyed student who is eager to make her mark on the electoral process. For her and many others like her, this is an opportunity to shape the future of their beloved homeland.

“The pressing problems are unemployment, lack of infrastructure and the ever-present specter of violence. I hope that my voice can contribute to solving these problems,” she said DH.

“I would experience something new, but I also had the responsibility to choose the best candidate. During election season, leaders lure voters with false promises but rarely pay attention to voter complaints after the election. “I want to support the candidate who is approachable and sympathetic to our situation,” she added.

Bilal Ahmad, a passionate advocate for environmental conservation who is preparing to vote for the first time, says he has seen firsthand the devastating impact of climate change on the region and was determined to elect leaders who would prioritize efforts in the field of sustainability and nature conservation.

“Rapid migration of people from rural to urban areas due to lack of employment, education and poor healthcare facilities are other major problems. I myself moved to Srinagar city to pursue my higher education due to its inadequate facilities. “I will vote for a candidate who I believe best suits our circumstances,” he said.

For Zara, Bilal and countless others, this election marks the beginning of a new era – an era in which the voices of youth were finally heard and leaders were held accountable for their promises.

As they look to the future, they know their journey is far from over, but with determination and unity, they are ready to take on the challenges that await them.

(Published April 21, 2024, 7:02 am IST)