Skomota’s Moja Love Reality Show leaves SA divided: “Bring back serious shows”

  • Skomota becomes a new face on South African television after landing a major Moja Love TV deal
  • The Limpopo artist rose to fame and South Africa has remained interested in him and his fast-paced life
  • Skomota’s latest win with Moja Love left many people happy for the entertainer, while others criticized the career move

Skomota has been winning since he became famous on social media. Thanks to Moja Love, Skomoa will rise in the entertainment industry.

Skomota will collaborate with Moja Love TV
Skomota gets a reality show from Moja Love, and some people weren’t happy. Image: X / @joy_zelda / @jidifeanyi
Source: Twitter

Many people are fascinated by Skomota’s career. The entertainer has had many viral moments that made many South Africans laugh.

Skomota moves into reality TV with Moja Love

According to entertainment blogger @MDNnewsSkomota’s life is broadcast on DStv channel 157 Moja Love TV. The artist’s antics have made many curious about his life, including his family and girlfriends, and how he achieved money and fame. The purpose of the show is to get to know Skomota better. look at the after below:

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SA congratulates Skomota

Some people were happy that Skomota got such a big break. Netizens commented on how Skomota continues to win.

Some other people weren’t happy that Skomota was going to be on TV. They referenced the time when comedian Eugene Khoza said Skomota was mediocre and didn’t deserve the hype.

@PHUMY_Y said:

“We owe @eugenekhoza a public national apology.”

@BafanaSurprise agreed:

“Enough time has passed, let me swallow my pride and admit that Eugene Khoza was right.”

@BafanaSurprise responded:

“How many times do we have to tell people that: Skomota is not mentally stable? Why do you force him to go to the public? This man needs special care, which should not be used! None of you will be available to him if he is confronted dire situation! Keep Skomota away from this cruel world!”

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@Been_ThroughIt wrote:

“I really feel sorry for him. Being an orphan while being neurologically abnormal has to be the most painful thing ever. No one can ever love you as much as your parents. I’m glad Skomota is living and having fun in some way.”

King_Godi08 said:

“I never understood the hype surrounding this guy, but nevertheless this is a great move. Congratulations bafanas.”

@SnerhMabaso complained:

“Bring back serious shows. Top Billing, Class Act, So You Think You Can Dance.”

@officialahmxs was not impressed:

“These reality shows are the downfall of many famous people. Once you do that, we as a country start to hate you and you become irrelevant. Name one that became successful. I’ll wait.”

Skomota’s video of him handing out money is raising concerns

Short news previously reported that a video of Skomota giving away his money raised concerns among internet users. The dancer was allegedly exploited by his manager/caretaker, Moruti wa Dikota, who gave him only R1K of his hard-earned money.

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A video is circulating on social media showing Skomota giving money to an apparently unknown man.

Kort News reported that the dancer turned musician and his road manager called out Moruti wa Dikota (aka Moruti Gucci) for taking advantage of him.

Source: Kort Nieuws