Broda Shaggi, Odumeje and others play iconic characters in Hammer Games

Hammer Games, Africa’s premier gaming platform dedicated to celebrating African culture and talent, has announced the inclusion of iconic and sensational celebrities such as Samuel Animashaun Perry, popularly known as ‘Broda Shaggi’, and celebrity pastor Chukwuemeka Cyril Ohanaemere , also known as ‘Odumeje’. others yet to be revealed as part of the brand’s iconic characters.

The unveiling of the iconic characters marked another exciting development and a major milestone in the evolution of Hammer Games, further enhancing the platform’s immersive and authentic gaming experience while connecting with the everyday experiences of its users.

A statement signed by Hammer Games Managing Director Ugochukwu Aronu said that “Broda Shaggi, Odumeje and others are exciting personalities with a huge following across the continent, both online and offline, so we have decided to feature their iconic characters as present an integral part. parts of the gaming experience for users.

“Their inclusion adds a unique dimension to Hammer Games, allowing users to interact with their favorite personalities in exciting gameplay scenarios.

“We are pleased to welcome Broda Shaggi, Odumeje and a host of others to the Hammer Games family.”

The statement noted that the iconic individuals with their magnetic personalities will undoubtedly enhance the gaming experience for many users, bringing new levels of excitement and entertainment to the platform.

It further stated: “Hammer Games has always been committed to showcasing the incredible talent and engaging energy of Africa’s youth, and the addition of iconic characters Broda Shaggi and Odumeje further reinforces this commitment.

“We also want to keep people happy while they play the games and you will agree with me that these people have such an enormous capacity to inspire boundless joy.

“As an integral part of the gaming experience, users can look forward to interacting with these iconic characters in various adventures, challenges and competitions within the Hammer Games universe.

“Broda Shaggi and Odumeje are cultural icons, loved by millions of people in Africa and beyond.

“Their inclusion in Hammer Games reflects our commitment to celebrating African talent and storytelling, offering users an experience that is both authentic and engaging.”

While the inclusion of Broda Shaggi, Odumeje and others marks a new chapter in Hammer Games’ journey, as the platform continues to push boundaries and redefine the gaming landscape in Africa, with its commitment to authenticity, innovation and community building, Hammer Games remained ready to to become the number one gaming platform on the continent and beyond.

Additionally, to celebrate the unveiling of Broda Shaggi, Odumeje and others as iconic characters on Hammer Games, the platform has promised to launch special events, challenges and competitions with more exciting celebrity personalities.

Hammer Games will also begin field activations at campuses, malls and other key touchpoints with BRT buses branded to convey the iconic characters, while immediately engaging, encouraging and rewarding new users for joining the game.

“We encourage users to stay up to date with all promotions and updates on Hammer Games’ social media platforms,” Aronu added.