$350,000 supermarket generates employment in Nadi – FBC News

A Nadi businessman has made a strategic investment in the area by opening a brand new supermarket along Narewa Road.

Lawerance Kumar says this substantial investment of $350,000 promises to not only increase convenience for residents but also create much-needed employment opportunities.

Kumar says the supermarket aims to meet the diverse needs of the community while offering a wide range of products and services.

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He says at least 15 new jobs are expected to be created.

“We need to create economic impact around the central part of the entire CBD. It was about creating economic impact away from the city and closer to the communities where they are located. I mean, if you look at it and we have Narewa here, we have Sikituru here, we also have Maqalevu here. So it’s about bringing the services to the people, rather than focusing on the center of Nadi itself.”

The former Chairman of the Special Administrator of Nadi added that the establishment of this supermarket signifies a broader vision to expand its footprint across the country.