Sad passing of Willie Stewart

WILLIAM James Stewart was born on November 30, 1939 in Castlederg, County Tyrone.
He was the first child of Isaac and Jessie Stewart; his father was a farmer in Derryork and a sergeant in the Royal Irish Constabulary. His mother was a registered nurse.
Two years later he was joined by a younger brother, Irwin. Isaac, Jessie and the two boys were overjoyed.
Tragically, just 18 months after Irwin’s birth, their father Isaac died in a freak swimming accident.
Not long after, Willie’s mother, Jessie, married again to Mr. Eddie Irwin.
In search of a healthier environment, the family moved to the coast to take advantage of the sea air. After moving to Portrush a third son, Eddie, was born.
Growing up in Portrush was a great time for Willie. He has made many lifelong friendships as a result.
Portrush was where Willie taught his youngest brother, Eddie, to swim in the cold waters of the North Sea and build huts in the sandhills.
Portrush had many influences on Willie, including football, a love of sailing and his Christian faith.
Willie often went sailing with friends and was a member of the Portrush Yacht Club. He sailed with Derek Boyd in a Flying Dutchman.
Willie’s adventurous spirit and love of travel took him all over the world, but the north coast of Ireland always had a place in his heart.
He returned to the area regularly to visit family and friends.
Willie passed away on February 13, 2024. He will be greatly missed, but his memory and the impact he made will live on forever.
To commemorate this, his brother Irwin, who currently lives in Colorado, USA, has made a donation to the Portrush Branch of the RNLI.