“Voters will not fall for false promises,” Ryan warns coalition colleagues

People are not convinced by “easy false promises” about the budget, Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said as he set out his campaign priorities.

He also warned that other parties should not copy their commitments when it comes to difficult decisions on the environment.

Seven weeks after local and European elections, Ryan said “dramatic change” was needed to protect people and the planet from the climate crisis.

It comes after his coalition partners Fine Gael and Fianna Fail held their Ard Fheis conferences this month.

Speaking ahead of his speech at his party’s conference meeting at the RDS in Dublin, he said: “You can’t mince words about that. There is a form of climate denial where you say, ‘Oh, that’s what we’re all for,’ until it comes to a difficult decision.”

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He added: “We’re just asking the questions. What do you say in your manifesto about what we are going to do in terms of the environment? How are you going to finance it? Do you agree with the magnitude of change we need to make?”

Asked whether auction politics with coalition parties making bigger and bigger promises in the run-up to the next election will undermine the stability of the government before the budget, Mr Ryan said: “I think we should do the budget in October and I think we have to be careful about making all kinds of promises in the meantime.”