A glimpse into Francis Ogolla’s heartwarming moments with family (Photos)

The late Ogolla seemed to have a close bond with his only grandchild Taji Mbarara.

The late Chief General of the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF), Francis Ogolla, enjoyed moments with his family.

A family photo frame suggested a man who valued quality time with his family away from a war zone.

Ogolla was killed along with nine other soldiers in a tragic crash of a KDF helicopter on April 18 in Elgeyo Marakwet province.

According to his wishes, he was to be buried within three days of his death, and without a coffin.

That is why the funeral was planned for Sunday, April 21.

A look at the photo gallery made it clear that, outside of his demanding career, Ogolla was a devoted family man and friend to those closest to him.

The late Ogolla with his widow Aileen Kathambi at an earlier meeting.

He often accompanied his widow Aileen Ogolla, his two children -Joel Rabuku and Lorna Omondi Ogolla -, his grandchild and other relatives.

During the deceased’s military honors ceremony on the evening of the funeral, his son praised him as someone who dealt with people regardless of their status.

‘Just as in the Beatitudes, Mzee was rich in heart. He gave all his support without expecting anything in return. I learned from him that if you want to succeed, you always have to give. Give without expecting anything in return,” Rabuku said.

The late Ogolla with his extended family.

Born in 1962, Ogolla joined the military in 1984 as an officer cadet.

A year later he would become a second lieutenant.

Ogolla trained as a Kenyan Air Force pilot.

The late Ogolla at his son’s wedding.

He became major general in 2018.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta promoted him to the deputy CDF post in 2021.

In April 2023, President William Ruto promoted him to the substantive CDF, replacing General Robert Kibochi who retired.