EPA debunks claims by environmentalists that acephate causes autism

The Biden EPA has allowed scientists to win the environmental epidemiology claims for once. They have debunked claims that acephate ’causes’ autism.

Anti-science activists have long claimed that everything causes autism and a whole spectrum of “neurodevelopmental disorders” that covers 85 percent of the world. Vaccines were the biggest thing for 25 years, all kids get vaccines so that’s a huge class action settlement for lawyers, but then the Republicans decided they wanted to be anti-vaccine for a while so the anti-science left had to rush to something news.

Acephate would be a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. They were sure. It is an organophosphate, and scientific words mobilize the humanities scientists who work in environmental test groups. They have organic industry insiders Consumer Reportsthe official fact checkers of Dr. Oz, on their side. They have their political allies with them ProPublica. They have osteopath Joe Mercola and that Yogic Flight Instructor in their camp. Plus. it had worked in the past. They told Biden’s EPA to stop some herbicides they couldn’t ban – stupid data got in the way – by creating a usage level so low it was a de facto ban, but President Biden has not ordered the EPA to do so this time.

How do you get progressive journalists to declare that animals are not little people? Have an EPA use their batch of animal models to declare a tomato plant protector safe. The same models they try to use to explain that herbicides cause cancer.

Instead, they were allowed to use science and abandon anti-chemical fundamentalism. They used in vitro testing, which activists prize when epidemiologists write their Scary Chemical story of the week, and kinetic modeling. Because scientists were not overruled, they concluded what every EPA before them did; it is fine if used properly. In fact, the Obama-era levels were not based on science; they were an order of magnitude below the no-effect level.

It was a smart move. By supporting Israel’s War on Terror and, in one case, standing up for science, he becomes talking points for moderate academics at a time when their counterparts in the humanities are openly engaged in anti-Semitism and think science is a marker of white privilege . The bizarre mentality is so worrying that the college asks the sitting president, the leader of their party, not to give an opening speech because they don’t want students and teachers to say and do in his presence what he pretends they don’t do and say at all.

This way he can show support for science and risk nothing. What are the Democrats going to do: vote for Trump? Of course not. So he can’t lose.