CJP seeks an explanation about the unnecessary use of public resources in the homes of government officials

Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa. — SC website/file
  • The guard must be in the building where he is needed: CJP.
  • CJP Isa questions whether it is justified to waste public resources.
  • He noticed this during his stay at GOR Rest House.

LAHORE: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Qazi Faez Isa has asked the Punjab Chief Secretary to explain the unnecessary use of public funds and establishment of illegal waiting rooms in residences of government officials in Lahore.

The Registrar of the Supreme Court wrote a letter to the Chief Secretary, expressing concern over unnecessary expenditure around the residences of government officials.

The registrar said the top judge was hearing cases from April 15 to 19 at the Registry of the High Court, Lahore, during which he stayed at the Chief Justice Rest House in Government Officers Residence (GOR).

The letter said that during the stay, CJP Isa noticed that changes were being made in the residences of government officials and illegal waiting rooms had been set up in the open green area despite a complete monitoring system at the entrance. He said the security guard had to be on the premises of the home where he was expected.

The letter questioned whether it was justified to waste public resources on the walls of government buildings. “Why the earlier example of fencing is being abandoned, your response will be awaited,” the CJP asked in the letter.

He directed to establish rules and regulations regarding government housing, their construction and the construction of their walls.

This is not the first time he has spoken out in favor of austerity measures for government officials.

CJP Isa ordered the auction of two luxury vehicles earmarked for his use by the Federal Government and the Punjab Government on December 1, 2023, saying it was an “inappropriate splurge of scarce public resources”.

In a letter from the SC registrar to the cabinet secretary of the federal government and the chief secretary of Punjab, the bureaucrats were informed that the apex court had purchased a new Mercedes Benz, 2996 CC Sedan, for Rs61 million for the CJP in September 2020.

“A brand new bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser, registration number LEG-S00, was also provided by the Government of Punjab for the use of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, which is parked at the Supreme Court Rest House in Gor, Lahore,” it said letter.

The letter said that each judge of the apex court had been given two vehicles as per rules.

“Judge Isa did not use the said Mercedes sedan and the Toyota Land Cruiser,” he added. It further stated that it was an “inappropriate waste of scarce public resources to purchase imported luxury vehicles for use by constitutional and public office holders”.