What Kim Kardashian Feels About Taylor Swift’s TTPD Diss Track

Kim Kardashian is angry about Taylor Swift's TTPD
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Celebrities are fair game when it comes to Taylor Swift songs, a lesson Kim Kardashian has learned firsthand with 2024’s The department of tortured poets.

“Kim is not happy about it, but does not want to add fuel to the fire,” a source says exclusively We weekly of Kardashian’s response to Swift’s “thanK you aIMee”, which is speculated to be about their past feud involving Kanye West.

The Kardashians The 43-year-old star is “angry that Taylor still harbors negative feelings towards her,” the insider said. “She thought their problems were in the past,” the source added.

Although Kardashian “had no idea she would be part of this story,” the insider says she “thought this could happen at some point, knowing how Taylor writes her music.”

Although Kardashian has yet to publicly comment on Swift’s new song, she did give her first interview since its release on Monday, April 22. Jimmy Kimmel, “Life is good.”

The next day, the Skims founder posted a throwback selfie from 2022 via her Instagram Stories of herself, sister Khloe Kardashian and Swift’s former BFF Karlie Kloss. (Kloss, 31, and Swift were inseparable for years before their alleged feud.)

Are Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian friends

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In case you missed it, Us has a lot of information to break down TTPD. And while “thanK you aIMee” at first glance appears to be about someone named Aimee, eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that the capital letters in the title spell out “Kim.”

In addition to the title nod, Swift, 34, references her drama with Kardashian in the lyrics.

“When I imagine my hometown / There’s a bronze, spray-painted statue of you,” she sings, seemingly describing Los Angeles. “And a plaque underneath / That threatens to push me down the stairs at our school.”

Swift then berates Kardashian (or Aimee) for being a bully and “throwing punches” while she was “building something.”

Taylor Swift feuds

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Taylor Swift has made headlines over the years not only with her hit music, but also with her various high-profile celebrity feuds. In January 2022, Swift got into a social media feud with musician Damon Albarn after he claimed she shouldn’t call herself a songwriter if she isn’t the only creative credited on a song. “I (…)

The singer claims there was never a ‘fair fight’ between the women. She claims her nemesis used to stomp over her “grave” and “laugh at every baby step I did.”

Swift ultimately thanks her enemy, singing, “I can’t forget the way you made me heal.”

Kardashian and Swift’s rift dates back to 2009, when the reality star’s now ex-husband, West, 46, interrupted Swift’s MTV VMAs acceptance speech. West stated that Beyonce earned the award, leaving the audience speechless.

The rapper claimed in his 2016 song “Famous” that the awards show debacle propelled Swift to superstardom. Swift, meanwhile, slammed West for the lyrics, “Me and Taylor still having sex / I made that bra famous,” claiming she didn’t sign on it.

Kardashian defended her then-husband by releasing a phone conversation between West and Swift, which was allegedly recorded without her consent. When Kardashian revealed the images via Snapchat, she added snake emojis, which Swift referenced throughout her story Reputation album.

In 2020, the feud reignited when the full version of Swift’s leaked phone conversation with West was released, proving that she was “telling the truth all along.”

The following year, Kardashian turned heads when she complimented Swift’s music during an appearance on the “Honestly With Bari Weis” podcast. “I really like a lot of her songs,” she claimed in 2021. “They’re all super cute and catchy. I’d have to look at my phone to find out a name.

Despite being dissed in ‘thanK you aIMee’, the Skims founder wants to bury the hatchet with Swift once and for all. (Fans also think Swift commented on Kardashian’s past comments about snakes in her new song “Cassandra,” with the lyrics “So they filled my cell with snakes, I’m sorry to say / Do you believe me now?”)

“That was a different time in Kim’s life and she feels like her whole life is different now and she’s in a better place,” the source said. Us of Kardashian and West’s 2021 divorce.

When it comes to Swift, Kardashian would “like to mend things between them,” the insider says. “Kim really wishes Taylor the best and hopes they can move forward.”