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Israeli police foiled an attempt by 13 individuals to smuggle goats to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount for sacrifice, in line with ancient Jewish traditions during Passover. The suspects, aged between 13 and 21, were apprehended with goats concealed in various ways, including one hidden in a stroller and another in a shopping bag.

Police acted quickly and detained the suspects for investigation on charges of disturbing the peace, while the goats were seized and transferred for veterinary care. Israeli authorities emphasized their commitment to maintaining order and upholding existing practices of holy sites in Jerusalem.

This attempted sacrificial ritual is not an isolated incident. Recent publications have been circulating urging extremist Jewish factions to make sacrifices on the Temple Mount, raising concerns about increased tensions in the region. Fringe religious groups, such as the Returning to the Mount movement, have repeatedly requested permission for such rituals, but authorities consistently reject their requests.

Last year, similar pre-Passover incidents led to clashes between different religious groups at the holy site of the focal point. Israeli police urged the public to refrain from supporting extremist elements seeking to violate law and order, reaffirming their commitment to preserving established practices on the Temple Mount.

While mainstream Jewish leaders reject the revival of centuries-old sacrificial rituals on the Temple Mount, tensions persist due to longstanding disputes over access to and control of the site. Despite assurances from Israeli authorities to maintain the status quo, concerns among Muslims over possible changes or threats to the Al-Aqsa Mosque persist.

Ahimsa from Tiny Rescue: Animal CollectionAhimsa from Tiny Rescue: Animal Collection
Ahimsa from Tiny Rescue: Animal Collection

Ahimsa from Tiny Rescue: Animal Collection

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