Light Science Technologies wins a grant to develop sensors to improve the possibilities of greenhouse horticulture

Light Science Technologies has received a grant of £206,742 to develop their agricultural sensors.

As part of an Innovate UK partnership program to transform commercial greenhouse plants and food production, Light Science Technologies will take their SensorGROW project to the next level.

The SensorGROW system collects real-time data on light, temperature, humidity, CO2 and pressure. The grant will fund further development so that the SensorGROW can collect even more accurate root zone data measurements.

This will enable gardeners to make more informed decisions that improve the productivity, yield and sustainability of greenhouse and field crops.

“Our SensorGROW product is an important step in horticultural technology. This grant gives us the opportunity to expand the capabilities of our sensors even further and continue to pioneer the field of horticultural technology,” said Craig Price, Operations Director of Light Science Technologies.

Founded in 2019, Light Science Technologies has helped improve growing conditions for crops under glass with their lighting and monitoring solutions.

Their technological innovations are used in commercial greenhouses and polytunnels, including vertical farming and growing medical plants. With an expert in-house laboratory team, Light Science Technologies continuously tries to develop technology to improve the yields of crops grown under glass.

“Our development of the SensorGROW will provide a complete 360° perspective with its integrated environmental and substrate sensors, giving growers the greatest and most accurate insight into their growing conditions,” says Craig.

For commercial greenhouses, the three largest costs are typically labor, energy and fertilizer. Without data to inform informed decisions, it can be used inefficiently, resulting in wasted resources and lower revenue.

Manual assessments of plant and soil health are still widely used, which can lead to data inaccuracies and require lengthy measurements per plant.

With the financial support of the grant, Light Science Technologies wants to offer growers the opportunity to solve uncertainties in the growing environment.

“Creating and maintaining the optimal growing environment for plants has always been a challenge for commercial growers. The next development of our SensorGROW will help the industry use resources in an even more effective and targeted way, leading to fewer diseases, fewer pests, faster growth, healthier plants and bigger yields!” concludes Craig.

Also involved in the project are horticultural experts Bridge Farm Horticulture and commercial grower Zenith Nurseries. The partners will work together over the next twelve months to prototype, test and produce the system that will make the prospect of year-round growing a profitable reality.

The grant is funded in partnership with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and Innovate UK’s Transforming Food Production Challenge. The project will run until the end of March 2025.

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