KP CM aide expresses concern over damage caused by heavy rains

KAGHAN – Reacting to the significant damage caused by heavy rains in the province, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Tourism and Archeology Zahid Khan Zeb has expressed deep regret.

He expressed these views during his visit to Kaghan.

The advisor stressed the importance of caution, especially for tourists, urging them not to travel during rainfall, especially in mountainous regions such as Kaghan Valley.

The affected areas, including Kaghan and Mansehra valleys, have suffered significant damage due to the relentless rains.

Zeb, accompanied by local authorities and police, urged active involvement in assisting and guiding travelers in tourist destinations and mountain resorts. Moreover, he emphasized the need for tourists to adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs) and prioritize safety measures during their travels.

In his personal assessment of the situation in Kaghan and Mansehra, he highlighted the inherent risks associated with heavy rainfall in mountainous regions, which often lead to natural disasters beyond human control.

He warned travelers to exercise caution and consider avoiding travel under such conditions.

Besides warning tourists, Zeb ordered authorities to ensure the safety of infrastructure, including electricity and other facilities, in tourist areas during rainfall.

Special measures were also recommended to protect travelers during their travels.