Why police should dismantle roadblocks and embrace crime-fighting technology in Delta –NUJ

By Daniel Dafe

The Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Delta State Council, has said that “the continued imposition of roadblocks by the Nigerian Police in Delta State, particularly along Okpanam Road and Nnebisi Road, has caused serious hardship to the citizens and residents of Asaba. “Police are urged to dismantle roadblocks and embrace crime-fighting technology in the state.

This was contained in a statement on Saturday evening signed by Comrade Churchill Oyowe, Chairman, and Comrade Victor Sorokwu, Secretary.

According to the statement, “this unjustifiable and disruptive practice, which was initiated about two years ago in response to the insurgency of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has led to a host of negative consequences including gridlock, accidents, anger at the road, loss of productivity. and extortion of motorists.”

Delta NUJ said the union “strongly condemns the prolonged imposition of these roadblocks, especially in the presence of police formations, and calls for their immediate dismantling.”

He added: “The original reason for its implementation, the IPOB insurgency, is no longer a credible threat, making the continued blockade unnecessary and unjustifiable.”

The statement further read: “We must scrutinize the fact that during and after the 2020 SARS protest, some roads were partially blocked in front of police facilities but were removed after several weeks.

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“The citizens of Delta State should not be subjected to such long hardships in the name of security measures. It is imperative that the Nigerian Police Force and the Delta State Government embrace modern crime fighting technology, rather than relying on archaic and disruptive roadblock methods.

“With the advancement of surveillance and communications technology, it is entirely possible to effectively monitor and respond to security threats without causing unnecessary suffering to the public.”

The union opined that “the state government must take decisive action to ensure that citizens are not denied the use of roads vital to their socio-economic well-being,” and said that “the imposition of the roadblocks has led to a significant loss of man hours. and productivity, and has exacerbated people’s daily struggles.”

“It is time to prioritize the well-being of citizens and find more efficient and humane ways to maintain security and order in the state.

“It is on record that the call for dismantling roadblocks to police facilities in the state is not new. The beauty of democracy is that when the people talk or raise concerns, the government, including Delta State and the Nigerian Police, must listen.

“Ignoring the people’s concerns amounts to impunity and therefore limits democratic principles where the people are supreme,” Data NUJ said.

“The NUJ, Delta State Council, stands in solidarity with the people of Delta State and demands the immediate dismantling of the roadblocks. We call on the state government and the police in the state to take swift and decisive action to address this issue and ensure the free movement of citizens.

“It is time to embrace progressive and effective crime control measures and alleviate unnecessary burdens on the people of Delta State,” the statement concluded.