Ambassador Hashmi visits the Shouguang Plant Science and Technology Fair

BEIJING, (APP – UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – Apr 21, 2024) As part of his orientation trip to Shandong, Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Khalil Hashmi paid a one-day visit to Shouguang Province, known as the ‘Vegetable Capital’ of China. “at the invitation of the Shouguang government.

The Ambassador also delivered remarks at the opening ceremony of the 25th China (Shouguang) International Plant Science and Technology Expo, toured the expo and visited the Pakistan Pavilion.

Speaking at the Expo opening ceremony, Ambassador Hashmi praised the Expo’s role in promoting global agricultural innovation and cooperation.

He praised Shouguang’s leadership in vegetable production and highlighted Shouguang’s international reputation as a center for excellence in vegetable facility.

Ambassador Hashmi also underlined the long-standing partnership between China and Pakistan, especially in the field of agriculture, recognizing it as a cornerstone of their bilateral relations.

He highlighted Pakistan’s agricultural landscape, showcasing its substantial contribution to GDP and employment, and emphasized the country’s commitment to improving agricultural productivity through collaboration with Chinese partners.

He outlined favorable policies and frameworks for cooperation, highlighting the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships and continued growth in agricultural trade and technology.

He also highlighted the upcoming Food and Agri Expo in August 2024, where China would be honored, as a platform for deeper cooperation and exchanges in the agricultural sector.

Ambassador Hashmi also extended a warm invitation to stakeholders, experts, businessmen and investors to explore the opportunities in Pakistan’s agricultural sector.

During his stay in Shouguang, the Ambassador had interactions with the municipal leadership, during which the two sides deliberated on ways to enhance cooperation between Pakistan and Shouguang, including through investments and joint ventures, and through institutional mechanisms.

Ambassador Hashmi also visited several agricultural demonstration bases in Shouguang.