New film shows how a mother’s faith can sustain against all odds and inspire the family

The musician added that he has often heard that if you want your children to learn how to follow Jesus, “they need to see the evidence of Jesus in your home, in your family, not in your government, not in your schools, not in your family.” with everything else it starts in your family.

“I don’t want to abandon Jesus. I want to be a great husband. And I don’t want to abandon my family,” he emphasized. “If I can do those three things well, man, that’s the most fulfilling life I think I can live.”

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Despite losing everything in Australia, uprooting her family to a new country while expecting another child, and having to rebuild from scratch, Helen Smallbone’s faith was steadfast. The film shows how she taught her family the importance of prayer, even creating a prayer wall — two file folders with the word “please” on one and “thank you” on the other — for family members to post their prayers.

When asked about his mother’s faith, Smallbone said, “She taught me right from wrong, she taught me to fear God, she taught me how to forgive. My mother did all the invisible things that have all the power.”

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In the movie, there is a scene where Helen runs to her room and starts screaming into a pillow after receiving bad news. Smallbone said this was added to the script to make her seem more ‘recognizable’; However, the incident was not entirely true.

“We put that in the script because there were people who were like, ‘Hey man, she’s actually just not recognizable.’ Who can endure so much struggle without a moment of breakdown?” he shared. “Well, the truth is, my mother never did that. My father, yes… but my mother never.”

“I’m telling you, if you want to change the world, do the invisible things really well and it will have an incredible impact… Ultimately, that’s what my mother did right.”

“Unsung Hero” tells the true story of the Smallbone family, who are widely recognized in the music industry thanks to brothers Luke and Joel Smallbone of the Grammy-award winning Christian band For King and Country, and their sister Rebecca, better known as a singer. -songwriter Rebecca St. James. Lion’s Gate

As for what he hopes people will take away from this film, Smallbone hopes fathers in particular will “go back and say, ‘I want to be a better dad.’”

“I hope that mothers see that all the invisible things they do matter, that they change the next generation, and that God sees those things,” he added.

He hopes that children will “dream big dreams” and that “the things that happen to you as a young child are incredibly powerful and incredibly important and that you can go on to do extraordinary things.”

“There doesn’t have to be a limit to what you can achieve and what you can do,” he said. “Not that it’s because of performance, but because God chooses to do miracles through people like you and me, and he uses his people to do many of those miracles and it starts young.”

Francesca Pollio Fenton