Moscow warns of ‘irreparable damage’ as a result of US decision on frozen Russian assets

MOSCOW: Moscow issued a stern warning, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying on Saturday that a US decision to use frozen Russian assets for Ukraine would cause “irreparable damage” to America’s reputation and scare off Russian investors.

Peskov, speaking to state news agency TASS, condemned the approval by the US House of Representatives of a bill allowing the use of frozen Russian assets in favor of Ukraine, in addition to providing significant aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan totaling 95 billion dollars.

“If this is indeed the case, the US will bear responsibility for it, probably without any time pressure,” Peskov claimed, referring to possible retaliation. He stressed that such asset seizures would undermine confidence in the US as it would violate private and state property rights.

Meanwhile, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova echoed these sentiments on social media and condemned the provisions of the House bill. She argued that aid to Ukraine supports terrorism, that military aid to Taiwan undermines Chinese sovereignty, and that aid to Israel increases regional tensions.

Zakharova further criticized the US allocation of military aid, claiming it is exacerbating global crises by supporting “terrorist activities” in Ukraine and provoking China over Taiwan.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev also weighed in, expressing confidence that Russia will prevail despite allocating $61 billion in military spending. Medvedev condemned US military-industrial interests and declared: “Power and truth are behind us.”

The unfolding diplomatic tensions underscore a deepening rift between Russia and the US over geopolitical interventions and regional conflicts.