Israel Land Authority Tender: new business center in the heart of Tel Av

Tel Aviv’s urban landscape continues its dynamic evolution as the Israel Land Authority today launched a new tender for a commercial and/or office complex within the sprawling “South of the Kiriya” project (plot/3000).

The project covers approximately 19 hectares and extends east of Derech Begin, south of The Hasmoneans and Four St., north of Kaplan St. and west of Leonardo da Vinci St. This tender marks a new phase in the development of a mixed project. use a business and residential center, integrating both open spaces and existing structures in a prime location in the city.

The emerging district will include a central urban hub of approximately 5 hectares, with commercial zones (approximately 25,000 m²), office spaces (approximately 354,000 m²) and public facilities (approximately 16,900 m²).

In addition, the development includes approximately 648 units of “D Special” housing spread over an area of ​​2 hectares, with allocated spaces for tourism and holiday hotels covering half a hectare. In addition, approximately 6 hectares are dedicated to road infrastructure and the improvement of pedestrian walkways, while 4.4 hectares are intended for open areas, including a central park with preserved trees and buildings.

Further details on the reserve price and development costs will be announced at a later stage. Notably, the plot falls under the Ta/3000 plan, which defines its primary purpose as a central business center and aligns with Tel Aviv’s ongoing urban development initiatives.