NSC to investigate alleged Chinese influx into Cagayan

By Prince Golez

The National Security Council (NSC) is now investigating the reported influx of Chinese nationals enrolling in universities in Cagayan to determine whether their presence poses a security risk.

“Our intelligence units have been tasked to review the situation there, para alamin kung is this actually a threat to national security, or is it just a case of students wanting to go to the Philippines to study,” said Deputy Director Jonathan Malaya. in a news forum on Saturday.

Malaya said there are many issues they need to resolve regarding the presence of Chinese students, including their numbers, as this appears to contradict Bureau of Immigration (BI) reports and intelligence gathering.

The BI reported only a hundred Chinese students, while intelligence reports indicated a thousand.

“So this is something that is currently being investigated. Even Congress will also do their investigation, but we have already looked into it,” he said.