ASTRA illuminates Toms River Green Fair with heavenly insights

The Astronomical Society of the Toms River Area (ASTRA) will bring a cosmic touch to the Toms River Green Fair on April 25 at Toms River High School North.

Stargazers visiting the fair will have the opportunity to interact with ASTRA members and explore the wonders of the universe from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

ASTRA’s participation underlines the sustainability theme embraced by the Toms River Green Fair, emphasizing environmental, economic and community health.

The event, organized by the Toms River Green Team, is part of the council’s commitment to sustainable practices, in line with the Sustainable Jersey objectives.

Located at Toms River High School North, 1245 Old Freehold Rd, Toms River, NJ 08753, the fair promises an evening of environmental awareness and heavenly fascination. While participants learn about eco-friendly initiatives and community involvement, they can also discover the wonders of the night sky with ASTRA

During the event, visitors can expect to see topics such as astronomy, stargazing and the importance of preserving our dark skies. ASTRA members will be on hand to provide insights, answer questions and present interactive displays highlighting the beauty and significance of the cosmos.

As the sun sets over Toms River, visitors can witness the transition to nightfall, with the waning moon rising at 9:51:51 PM and setting at 6:39:55 AM. The celestial spectacle reflects the spirit of exploration and discovery fostered by events like the Toms River Green Fair.

For those who would like to delve deeper into the mysteries of the universe or learn more about ASTRA’s activities, the association encourages them to contact them directly for additional information. They can be reached via email at (email protected) or by phone at 732-267-0665.

As Toms River comes together to celebrate sustainability and community, ASTRA shines a light on the interconnectedness of our world and the cosmos above. Join them at the Toms River Green Fair for an evening of environmental awareness and heavenly wonder.

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